Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Meeting with Biya: I am neither a demon nor an angel- Tibor Nagy

The full reaction of the American diplomat, at the end of the hearing with the Head of State.

Diplomatic conversations are always confidential. You can rest assured that our discussions have been frank, honest and straightforward. We each expressed our views. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and wisdom of the President.

The United States and Cameroon have so many common interests. I, like your government, want what is absolutely the best for the Cameroonian people. You have a very young population. In the future, these young people will need jobs. I would like to attract many more investors to Cameroon.

We all want young Cameroonians to have the best jobs possible. I think American investors will bring a lot in that direction. Our government, President Donald Trump, also wants a lot more investment and trade with Africa. Of course, US investors require certain conditions. We will do our best, but we all want exactly the same thing: a very prosperous, peaceful and stable Cameroon.

My words can always be interpreted in different ways. That's what I tell people. I like the fact that the Cameroonian press is always very dynamic and enthusiastic and, as I said, it is interesting to read the articles. I am neither a demon nor an angel. I am just a human being like everyone else.