Thursday, March 28, 2019

Meeting with Biya: here is the sacrifice demand of Maurice Kamto

The President of the Cameroon Democratic Transition (TDC) reacts to an opportunity to have a dialogue between President Paul Biya and Professor Maurice Kamto for a political exit to Cameroon. Exclusive interview.

What did you read about the visit of Eric Dupont Moreti Maurice Kamto's French lawyer in Cameroon? 

It should first be said here that the Cameroonian authorities have had the wisdom to grant an entry visa to our country to this French lawyer to allow him to plead the case of his client. We ourselves at the same time suggests to the Minister of State Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to receive this lawyer as well as the delegation that accompanied him for an exchange of views. Unfortunately, I can not confirm if our advice has been followed up, but we have done our best to try to bring the two parties together.

Do you think it is possible to have a dialogue between President Paul Biya and Professor Maurice Kamto in view of an honorable political exit to the current crisis that threatens to engulf our country? 

Not only is such a dialogue possible, we think it is desirable. However, for it to flourish we believe that a number of conditions should be met beforehand: First, Professor Kamto must recognize the decision of the Constitutional Council declaring Paul Biya the winner of the 2018 presidential election and therefore cease to to claim the elected president at this election.

We must indeed respect our Constitution and if Professor Maurice Kamto aspires to play any role at the national level in our country it is time for him to think of returning to the republican legality and to assume like any other Cameroonian his duties as a citizen. It requires a great deal of humility and only the best interests of the nation. That said, it seems to us essential then that Professor Maurice Kamto dissociates clearly and unequivocally from the positions of radical activists of the Cameroonian diaspora who have claimed in his name attacks against our embassies and diplomatic representations abroad. It will be necessary for the sake of clarity to distance itself from the movements of civil disobedience and popular uprisings that in the country advocate a change of regime by social disorder rather than the ballot box.

It is only when the above conditions are met that we believe a fruitful dialogue between President Paul Biya and Professor Maurice Kamto is possible with the release of his close companions as well as the main activists and cadres of his party, the Mrc.

How can one who claims to be the winner of the presidential election of October 7, 2018 offer to meet the one who "stole his victory" to "discuss this affair"? 

This simply reflects the position of weakness in which is currently the camp of Professor Maurice Kamto and his party against President Paul Biya and the ruling party the Rdpc. But we also expect from the regime an attitude of humility and wisdom in accepting the extended hand of Professor Maurice Kamto to discuss with him a global solution to end the crisis in the best interests of the Nation. We, for our part, firmly believe that President Paul Biya will once again demonstrate the flexibility and political skill that he is generally credited with for reestablishing this coexistence that the vast majority of Cameroonians call their wishes.

According to the French lawyer It is quite normal that someone who claims his victory starts a discussion with the person who the context. Do you share these opinions?

Subject once again to the claim of his victory that he first acknowledges that he is in error and that his claims to victory are unconstitutional and therefore inadmissible.

A new application for release of the leader of the MRC and his co-accused will be filed with the judge in the coming days.Do you think that President Paul Biya is ready to release Maurice Kamto and his co-defendants? 

Everything will depend on the attitude of Professor Maurice Kamto. If he decides to continue with the power struggle it will unfortunately be expected that the authorities are in a hard position and refuse any release. We hope, however, that Professor Maurice Kamto, if only for the sake of political realism, will come to his senses and make the necessary concessions to secure his release as well as that of his supporters in the interest of the survival of his political party and the durability of democracy in Cameroon.