Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Meeting between Biya and Tibor Naguy: René Sadi was completely wrong

In social psychology, certain reactions make it possible to interpret a man's thought or emotions. From the words spoken, one can detect hidden and unstated intentions and ambitions. In his interview of 20 March 2019 on Rfi, Sadi Réné, the Cameroonian Minister of Communication expressed a great embarrassment at the mention of the name of Professor KAMTO that the journalist has not stopped pronouncing. Indeed, Sadi Réné has always been cited as one of the potential successors of Paul BIYA. We still remember these multiple articles presenting him as the dolphin by the newspaper Jeune Afrique during his visit to the General Secretariat of the CPDM and the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

It does not take a crystal ball to know that the rise of Professor KAMTO, the wide mobilization for its release both nationally and internationally, the successful mesh of his party the MRC on the whole territory, in are now inevitably the third president of the Republic of Cameroon. The great world chancelleries now know who is KAMTO unlike Sadi the supposed dolphin who does not have such an aura. In such a scheme, Sadi's small calculations are in the water. This is why in a denial of reality, he tried in vain during this interview with RFI to do a repression by recalling in all his sentences that KAMTO must "Stop acting like the alter ego of President BIYA Or that he "is a citizen like everyone else". In psychology, this complex is called "The Cain Complex". Sadi settled a personal matter. The reason was out the window.So he wanted to fight with the one who puts an end to his beautiful dream of succeeding Paul BIYA, he lost control.

Because how to understand that a high official like him, takes with so much violence to the proposal of amicable settlement of a litigation by Master Dupont MORETTI whereas it is professional practice that the Lawyers are mediators appointed in business where they are formed? The friendly settlement is part of the duties of the Lawyer. To say publicly that Dupont MORETTI did not come as a mediator, but as a lawyer to defend his client in court is meaningless. Because it is not up to the Minister of Communication to define the extent of the work of the Lawyer. The lawyer is free of his defense, I had just read on a site of Lawyers.

So when Sadi says that during the talks between BIYA and the US Under Secretary for African Affairs TIBOR NAGUY, the KAMTO case was not mentioned, from whom does he keep this information?Especially not the US official. It would indeed be inconsistent and naive to believe that TIBOR NAGUY did not address this issue and that he had to say publicly on leaving the palace of the unit that he requested the release of KAMTO.Diplomacy has its rules. More so, such a statement would undermine the grandeur image of the absolute monarch.


Psychology teacher