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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Media: Paul Ayah Abine pours a lesson in journalism to Equinoxe Tv

This release of retired Judge Paul Ayah Abine follows the invitation to the English newspaper of March 11, 2019 on Equinoxe Tv, by a Chuo Walters Ayeah. The politician therefore judged the guest to be very "mediocre", and asked Equinoxe Tv to "learn to invite knowledgeable people".

Read Paul Ayah's full note at Equinoxe Tv 

The many recent Mediatude awards, along with other media in the country, should let you know how dear you are to the public we are. We just watched the newscast in English (March 11, Ed) and we find "Talking Point".

Without chopping words or beating around the bush, we have rated your guest as unsuitable, mediocre and shameful for your English audience!

Your guest's English level was lower than class two of primary school; his incoherent reasoning; his general knowledge just above zero. The impression he gave was that he was on a mission or had been invited to sing praises to President Paul Biya. There is nothing wrong, ipso facto, in singing such praises. But as the Bible says, "there is time for everything".

The fact that your guest, a certain Chuo Walters Ayeah, was introduced as a "political analyst and university lecturer" was brutally astounding.  Saperlipopette! He is far from having succeeded in entering the university. I do not judge him but I make statements of fact. Your media must learn to invite knowledgeable people, experts capable of holding your audience in suspense.

You should invite those who can transmit knowledge! Not people like Chuo Walters Ayeah who, as he clearly showed, is unable to distinguish a "court" from a "commission": even those who have never been to school can do so..

J I may look a bit hard; but we love Equinoxe TV so much that what lowers its standards must be decried without fear or favor - and, often, with emotion !!!