Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mebe Ngo'o affair: 15 Cameroonian personalities to be announced in Kondengui

The former defense minister is suspected of having paid, through front companies, nearly 350 million francs in bribes to 15 Cameroonian personalities, including Jean Calvain Momha, chief of staff of the army. air or Veronique his wife.

New episode in the Mebe Ngo'o case.According to the weekly Jeune Afrique, the former defense minister currently detained in Kondengui Central Prison also reportedly used Rear-Admiral Pierre Njine Djonkam and French businessman Philippe Bourcier to pay back important jars. of wine has high Cameroonian personalities in connection with the signing of five lucrative contracts linking the State of Cameroon to the Spanish company Defex between 2006 and 2013.

These contracts, with a total value of nearly 65 billion CFA francs, concerned the supply of armored vehicles and maritime safety equipment.

Still according to young Africa, the role of Philippe Bourcier, a regular at the Hilton hotel in Yaounde has mainly consisted in creating seven front companies in the United Kingdom in the British Virgin Islands. These companies then signed fictitious subcontracting contracts with 15 Cameroonian personalities to whom they surrendered nearly 350 million Fcfa.

Among these personalities, the Spanish investigators quote Jean Calvain Momha Air Force Chief of Staff, Véronique the wife of Mebe Ngoo, Essomba Abanda Cadre at the Ministry of Labor, Gervain Evengane Foumane defense attaché at the Embassy of Cameroon in France, Pierre Njine Djomkam Ministry of Defense, Romain Ngongang executive at the Ministry of Urban Development, Ngoula Blaise Director at the Ministry of Planning, but also some foreigners as Jean Bernard Avouma former advisor to Ali Bongo and Ambassador of Gabon in Turkey, which received the Senegalese Minister of Fisheries Oumar Gueye.