Sunday, March 3, 2019

Kumbo: Cameroon army accused of incursion into a hospital

It was the Shisong Cardiac Center of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital that received a vigorous visit from soldiers of the Cameroonian army on February 17.

"Around 11:00 am that Sunday, the Cameroon Defense Forces entered the premises of the Holy Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital and the Shisong Heart Center. They were looking for wounded separatist fighters who could have been admitted to the hospital, "Radio Evangelum reported.

It emits from the North West region. Radio quoted by the Catholic information website Cruxnow, which reports the facts in this conflict born of the Anglophone crisis.

"Five armed soldiers entered the hospital through the door leading to Farewell Home. They headed for the heart center section of the hospital, next to the farewell home, "the paper continues.

According to Cruxnow, the soldiers went to the rooms of this section and took out a boy who was taking care of his grandmother, admitted to the hospital. They then went to the inner sections of the hospital, went to the surgery unit and other services.

"The soldiers were also shot in the hospital compound," the news website reports.

A situation that the clergy deplored. Bishop Georges Nkuo, Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo regrets that "it gives us a very bad reputation".

He continues: "The army can enter a hospital where there are cardiac patients and move in search of anyone. It does not happen, but it happened, "he says.

In addition, the prelate denounces the fact that soldiers "even film heart patients. This is the most irresponsible act. The least professional, to say the least, "he lambasted.

For her part, Sister Mary Aldrin Kinyuy, the director of the hospital notes that "the risk of trauma to patients and health workers is high. The consequences of the incident on patients in the heart center section could be disastrous and lasting. The administration of the hospital was uncomfortable with the incident.