Friday, March 8, 2019

Kondengui: One inmate reportedly died in Prison

After 6 years of pre-trial detention at Kondengui Central Prison, Kribi's ex-receiver of finances died of illness eventually without being tried.

Ndam Yaya since it is about him was since 6 years in provisional detention in central prison of Yaoundé Kondengui. Then receiver of the finances of Kribi he had been questioned then transferred to the prison in the affair of Mbia Enguene, the paying general treasurer of Yaounde. Since his imprisonment, Mr. Ndam Yaya has not had a stable health. A few weeks ago, his health deteriorated; despite the many arrests of his defense, the magistrates in charge of the case did not move the slightest finger.

Requests for transfer to a health facility that can take care of him have been rejected until this citizen no less servant of the nation finds himself in a desperate state. Finally, he is a father, a husband, a relative with a known residence, who asked only one to be judged for the facts which were reproached to him who is dead by the magistrates certainly of a diabolical race. proclaimed gods on earth.

As a reminder, Mr. Ndam Yaya as well as other co-accused following Mbia Enguene ex Tpg of Yaoundé are incarcerated within the framework of one of which the main actors have never been worried. But then that Cameroonian justice is exercised at double speed by magistrates whose work consists of anything but justice, those citizens who at some point in their life have served the nation body and soul are six six already in total to find the died in prison. Dead who obviously have no effect in the conscience of the murdering judges.

Source: Investigation N ° 112