Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kondengui: how Bernadette Mebe Ngo'o was undressed in front of her husband

If there is a man whose brazen sky has fallen on his head these last days, it is Edgard Alain Mebe Ngoo aka bebé dog. The man has just made it clear that we are never strong enough to be the main master of his destiny. Since last Friday at 23h sharp, his mine according to our contacts in kondengui says a lot about his cogitations that shake his head and haunting his thoughts every second. First, Mebe Ngoo never imagined meeting at Kodengui Central Prison. He who was one of the main workers in the operationalization of Operation Sparrowhawk could never have imagined that one day he would join his many victims and worse, that he would cohabit with most of them. in the same neighborhood of the prison.

Indeed, the first surprise of Bebe dog was to be led in the small room 3 special district 14 that occupied until then alone Professor Mendo Ze. It is more than midnight actually he discovers his new apartment and his new roommate. The Professor lying with a green cloth at the level of the feet has his eyes open at this time of night when the director and two prison guards ring at the door of his little room. They agree to answer "it's open" from the teacher. The latter is not at all surprised when he sees his brother Dja and Lobo wearing a white boubou with his hands crossed at the back. He had already been warned by the manager that he would now cohabit with one of his brothers.

Once inside, two prison guards hastily retract the two suitcases of the former MINDEF by squeezing them near the small door that leads to the toilet. The time for the stage manager to take leave of them, Professor Mendo immediately races again in his little sheet pretending not to have seen his evening host. Mebe Ngoo visibly embarrassed will sit on his little bed a place and having lowered his head will stay there for nearly an hour, before he finally resolves to remove his light shoes from his feet and climb on her bed.

Without covering himself, he will lie down until around nine o'clock on Saturday until he hears a little voice say "My ke Messe.Mendim me ewobone". It was compassionate Professor Mendo Ze who had told him the way to the toilet before he left for Saturday's small Catholic Mass in Kondengui. To his surprise, he heard a small voice say "Akiba". It was Alain, as Mendo Ze calls him, who answered shyly.Ohh poor thing.

That day, Mebe Ngoo could not get out of bed until around 13:00. It was an awakening at the forceps it was his friend and nearest neighbor, detained at local 2 of the same neighborhood, Atangana Kouna aka Don Basilio who had pushed his door by shouting "Alain!" To get him out of his sleep. Feeling a smile, Mebe Ngoo gets up and shakes the head of Atangana Kouna with whom he will spend nearly three hours of time, that is until around 17 hours. Mebe Ngoo had just had a first comfort. At around 6 pm, a prison steward enters the neighborhood with a small blue bag to give him food without fail to tell him where she came from. He will go straight to bed and plunge into his worries after his meal and here is Sunday.

For those who know how it happens in kondengui on Sunday, it is the day of worship where all the prisoners join their different obediences. All Catholics are all on the platform of Ward 3 for worship, the revival churches share the Great Hall of Miners in Ward 13 (bis) and Protestants meet in Ward 1. Mebe Ngoo who is Protestant will remain in bed while the entire special district 14 is empty for worship except for Iya Mohammed who is Muslim.


After the cult, Mendo ze will find his co-chambier lying on the bed and following the information on France 24. Nevertheless, Mebe Ngo'o will launch him anyway: "Ye Sondo A mane ya? (Mass is over?) And MENDO ZE to answer "Bia tabe ki ayap except eyong bi bili bone be ceremony" (It does not last except when we have ceremonies). This day will also go smoothly. It should be noted that once again, however, he was visited by Don Basilio around 19h. Here is Monday.

Once the Monday morning arrives, the former Mindef finally decides to leave his local and dressed in a white gandoura, he questions two of the small butlers of the district 14 which are used for the maintenance of the dishes and other cleaning of floor of the residents of this district against small reward at the end of each week. It is at this moment that he is talking to these two boys that the former Minister of Health has come through.Mebe Visibly embarrassed tries to sketch a smile but, Dr. Urbain Olanguena Awono was quick to pass as if in front of him, there was only air. Mebe Ngoo, aware that he was indeed seen by Olanguena quickly returned to the premises and stayed there until the visit of Don Basilio to whom he hastens to tell this situation. Some time later, Don Basilio left room 3 to walk the stairs to Urbain Olanguena's room. No one doubts that it was to go ask him to bend a little on his positions against the former Mindef since all are now victims.

Still it is that the Monday night arrived, the many looks that we see Mebe Ngoo throw through the door and sometimes calling one of the butlers as to inquire about something already say long on the presentiment of his wife Bernadette who will actually arrive in Kondengui around 5:30 pm. He will not be able to bear this anymore and will turn around in his room after having met the eyes of the former Minister of State SGPR, Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, who will also oddly act as if he does not There was no one in front of him. He will pass close to Mebe Ngoo without being able to turn around to see a human presence at his side. Yet, paradoxically, according to what comes back to us from Kondengui, a nephew of the former SGPR MEBARA who went to visit his uncle that same day, after having told his uncle that a certain writer named Calixte Beyala had relayed the information that there was a fight between him and the newcomer Mebe Ngoo will be answered by MEBARA: "Filston, we must pray a lot for this lady, so that she never knows the prison. Especially the prison in Cameroon "He will even add that he had sent the same prayer to God for the case of his younger brother Mebe Ngoo but that God did not grant him. Finally, Mebara will confide in his nephew that he is surprised at this lynching against someone who has just been hit hard, beyond the expectations of his worst enemies? .


BERNADETTE Mebe Ngoo on his side, he had just realized that he will live a prison in a prison. Living with neighbors who do not speak to you, but the hardest part for him is the entrance of this young prison guard who runs to him to say "Minister, your wife is already there." Of course he knows it's not for a courtesy visit. That is why he returns to his local collapsed and those who will see it this morning will notice that his eyes were red like balls of fire. He must have shed tears at the announcement of the arrival of his wife.

This day Tuesday, also arrives with its lots of surprises. Indeed, in the morning, Mebe Ngoo dressed in a set Afritude hastens to ask Mendo ZE how to go about meeting his wife. The latter asks him to approach the administration, empowered alone to give permission for officially married couples to often see themselves in prison.He hastens to write a grievance to the manager who responds immediately by asking that he be received by his deputy here called SCEDASCE, who is in fact the head of department in charge of domestic discipline. 13h, two prison guards will extract Bernadette and Egard Alain Mebe Ngoo to lead them to scedasce who is an anglophone. The latter receives them for 30 minutes during which he inquires about a certain amount of information and takes leave of them immediately. Mebe Ngoo did not even imagine in his most violent nightmares that he was hated even by the prisoners.

Indeed, while he crosses the large courtyard of the prison around 13:30 minutes with his wife to join their different neighborhoods, the inmates start shouting in chorus: "wouuuuu thieves! And two of these most excited detainees will come to lift Bernadette's dress revealing her crotch.While she clings behind her husband, the prison guards come to their reinforcement and immediately train the two offenders in cell in the basement of the prison without failing to chained on orders of the director who learned the incident. A female guardian will take care of bringing Bernadette to Ward 5 while a guard will lead Mebe Ngoo to Ward 14.

He will meet at the entrance of his local Don Basilio to whom he will begin to tell his troubles before returning to interior where it will not come out until 17h at the time we loop this INSIDE KONDENGUI.Recall that Mebe Ngoo is still banned for the moment. He can not receive anybody for the moment and receives his food by some members of his family through the prison administration.

Thus ends our Inside Kondengui of this day... Who kills by the sword dies by the sword.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt