Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kamtogate: revelation about the big joke between Biya and his friends

A strange climate has weighed on relations between Cameroon and some of its "friendly" countries at the end of last week. On March 13, 2019 in Yaounde, around a not very supported media coverage, Lejeune Mbella Mbella received in audience Anatoly Bashkin and Gilles Thibault, respectively ambassadors of Russia and France in Cameroon.

On the basis of the story of our colleagues from the CRTV, the talks between the Minister of Foreign Relations (Minrex) and the two diplomats focused on the "cooperation between Yaoundé and Moscow on the one hand, and between Yaoundé and Paris other part. " These statements have been confirmed, crowned by confirmation by each of the two Minrex hosts, immediately approached by the state media.


From this diplomatic sequence, two observations emerge in the preamble. The first reveals that just a few months ago, Paul Biya and Gilles Thibault (officially) discussed the same theme. At the Palace of Unity, on December 6, 2018, the exchanges between the two men had lasted nearly three hours. The second highlights the reception at the Minrex of Russian and French ambassadors on the eve of Peter Tibor Nagy's visit to Cameroon.

In connection with this last point, our sources highlight what was played behind the scenes. Having made a decoding of the different linguistic springs of Anatoly Bashkin and Gilles Thibault, one of these sources highlights several wrestling."Coups, calculations and ambitions on the part of Washington, Paris and Moscow are at work in the context of the Anglophone crisis and the Kamto case", reports our informant. The latter adds that the hearings granted to the Russian and French ambassadors gave the latter the opportunity to reappropriate certain governmental sentences in relation to these two subjects with major socio-political stakes.


"Things went very quickly: the way in which the diagnoses of certain socio-political problems are defined, as well as the answers given to these problems have changed the orientation and the priorities of Paris and Moscow," says another source diplomatic Cameroonian.

Confirmation on the website of "Le Monde Afrique". In its edition of March 15, 2019, the French newspaper, citing a source familiar with the issue, writes: "The Western countries are exasperated by the level of violence of the Cameroonian forces and, if Yaoundé refuses to dialogue, the Americans consider individual sanctions against personalities of power. France, which has always been supportive of the government, is embarrassed. After his re-election, Biya led the French to believe that he would proceed with an in-depth government reshuffle, from which the hawks would be excluded, as well as the creation of an independent commission to surround negotiations with the anglophones. France then lobbied to curb the chancelleries who were on a harder line. But it is clear that power has rolled the French in the flour.