Friday, March 1, 2019

Kamtogate: Pastor summoned to DGNS after criticizing Paul Biya

This is the Rev. Pastor Ghislain SUFFO, the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, Parish Chila Batoufam. He wss summoned yesterday to the General Delegation of the National Security by the Particular Secretary of the Delegate, the police commissioner MEVA Vincent de Paul for the facts of which the content will be delivered to him forthwith.

According to reports reaching the editorial board of camerounweb, the 38-year-old pastor made a homily in Batoufam at the funeral of Professor NDOMGANG in the presence of an impressive audience of government officials, including the Secretary General of the CPDM and his after. It is certainly this preaching that earned him this convocation to the DGSN.It should be noted that he was first heard at the Koung-nkhi prefecture.