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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Kamtogate: Me Dupont Moretti furious against the Biya action

For having met the political prisoners of the 2018 post-presidential election crisis, the French lawyers Moretti and Vey testify that Me Michèle Ndoki was actually wounded by bullets, and that it is not a "make-up". It was during a press conference given Saturday at the Librairie "Peuple Noir" in Yaounde.

Describing the conditions in which were arrested and held Pr. Maurice Kamto, his allies and supporters, as well as the "reasons" (peaceful march and singing) that led to it, as well as the various international remedies. accused of forcing Cameroonian authorities to come to their senses, Me Dupont Moretti speaking yesterday at a press conference in Yaoundé, said it was simply not possible that can continue this violation of individual and public rights and freedoms.

After sharing his hilarious meeting with the Government Commissioner at the Military Court who simply told him that he did not know (also the main accuser?) What was the case with Kamto and his supporters and political allies, and the pass of arms with an examining magistrate who refuses to consider the application for release of the defendants to avenge those who dared to deny his jurisdiction, while he could also put forward this denial of his competence to dismiss the accusation to better provide, and therefore order the release of accused, Me Dupont Moretti announced that the group of defense lawyers would undertake a new action request release.

will it prosper? At first sight, nothing is less certain. But a posteriori, the military justice could always consider to reach it favorably, in the interest of the normalization of a sociopolitical situation each day uncertain, notwithstanding the official speech.