Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kamtogate: the Cameroonian justice is 'pocédée'

In an interview with the private radio station Balafon, the 3rd vice president of the movement for the revival of cameroon was outraged by the legal quality of Cameroon.

Indeed, joined by telephone yesterday morning March 12, 2019, during the show "sacred morning", Me Emmanuel Simh, spoke on the prisoners of the march organized by the MRC, on January 26th. In confirming that 11 supporters of the party were released Monday, he was keen to point out how, according to him, the Cameroonian justice is "Voodoo".

For the lawyer of the Cameroonian Bar, the reason behind the incarceration of Maurice Kamto and other activists of the MRC, would be political and concocted by well-placed members of the Cameroonian government. "This justice is not justice at all, but the expression of the caprices of someone who is lurking in the shadows who pull the strings and who gives orders for us... in order simply to create terror, to discourage Cameroonians from demonstrating in Cameroon and to simply kill political activities in our country, "he told Radio Balafon.