Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kamtogate: Bibou Nissack accounts for March 26th "Yesterday" court hearings

The Maurice Kamto case, and company was once again dismissed. The High Court (TGI) dismissed the Habeas Corpus petitions.

Here is the account of today's hearing, made by the spokesman of Maurice Kamto, Olivier Bibou Nissack.

President-elect Maurice KAMTO, as well as his allies and supporters who are the counselor to the Presidency of the Republic and President of the association '' Agir '' Christian PENDA EKOKA, the Honorable Albert DZONGANG, Paul Éric KINGUE the President of the MPCN , the MRC national Professor and treasurer Alain FOGUE, the MRC Célestin DJAMEN executive, and the artist Gaston Serval ABE VALSERO, along with 14 other inmates, appeared on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 before the Court of Appeal of the Yaounde.

After having been dismissed before the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI), which dismissed their Habeas Corpus claims against all legal expectations, these political prisoners appealed to denounce the irregularity of the dismissal of their applications by the TGI. of the Administrative Center of Yaoundé. The Court of Appeal, on the grounds of the preparation of the file, made a referral for April 2 next to the president-elect, his six allies and supporters having all appeared in the first place after him.