Saturday, March 9, 2019

Kamto Arrest: Cameroonians took to the streets in the USA

"How many people Paul Biya go kill?" "Listen to how many people Paul Biya is going to kill? "They sang on March 8 in Washton streets, many Cameroonian outlets in the street to defend Cameroon's drums to express themselves and freely choose their leaders. If indigenous Cameroonians are tricked by fear - there is still a need to be massacred by the regime army, those living outside of the country, including members of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade are determined to carry up the final victory of the camp to change the fight of their protesters prohibited. To pass

They once again demonstrated this March 8, 2019, regardless of their political chapels, to recall the dictatorship in Cameroon, that Michèle Ndoki and other Mauritius Kamto were not to be in prison but elements of the soldatics at Biya's orders to be there.

"Paul Biya, Dictator! "Paul Biya, murderer!" "... It is a scandal of those words that are consistent with those of" Kamto, President "that the US-led diaspora struck the Washington pavilion at the International Women's Day (JIF) to cry a spokesperson for the Cameroonian dictator, author of a monumental hold-up in October 2018, culminating with massive arrests of opposition leaders and activists currently detained by hundreds in both Yaoundé capital.

They took the pretext of the celebration of the 34th edition of the JIF, to denounce the assassination of women in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon as well as the imprisonment of others for their political views over the whole of the Cameroonian territory.

Also criticizing the serious human rights violations by Cameroon's usurper authorities, Cameroonian members of the United States Department of Defense's Anti-Sardinia Brigade have given priority to women's speech, saying they will fight until the the last drop of blood, to the last woman, to reach the goal of change.

It will also be said that Cameroon's arrival on the Cameroonian political scene will have helped liberate the Cameroonians from obscurantism by rekindling to them the spirit of re-application of their civil rights.

Without political affiliation, SDF activists, MRCs, members of the Cameroonian Transitional Council of Patrice Nouma and Ndzana Seme, including the Rdpc militants more closely with the repressive revolution printed in the management of the socio-political situation of their country by the Biya regime, they had told US President Donald Trump to look more seriously on Biya case. And especially remind Cameroon that it is their silence that strengthens Biya, giving the international community that everything is going well in Cameroon.

Below is a very interesting video extract from the message sent on March 8, 2019, by Cameroonians from the USA. Look at it completely.