Friday, March 22, 2019

Installation of new gendarmerie officials kick start in South

The newly appointed national gendarmerie bosses in the southern region took office on 15 March 2019 in Ebolowa. The ceremony of taking up arms was chaired by the Minister delegate to the Presidency in charge of defense.

By putting them on mission in the region of the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of defense recognized in them intrinsic abilities and adequate professional aptitudes. These qualities have weighed heavily in their favor so that they deserve the high confidence of the chief of state of the armed forces.

The new dynamics of the Cameroonian army call for their constancy in the dedication and the incessant effort. It is therefore natural that Mindef has prescribed an effective road map for successfully meeting the major security challenges of the day in Cameroon and the South, "your area of ​​responsibility being border with three countries friends the great banditry in cities and on certain roads and forest tracks it is emphasized the illegal exploitation of wildlife and forest resources by poachers and other traffickers, incessant migratory flows of individuals who are sources of illegal activities of illegal proliferation of weapons and ammunition is taken into account".

It is recommended to them an immediate and methodical engagement in the respect of the republican legality. The garrison of the South is also separated from two valiant officers of value. Colonels Eyenga Séverin and Anne Belle Nkoto who served here with efficiency and loyalty, dedication, availability, self-denial and patriotism. They left an indelible impression.

According to Joseph Beti Assomo, the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of defense, "the focus should be on the surveillance and control of the border area adjacent to the Minkebe region of Gabon headquarters of questionable activities such as illegal immigration poaching of protected species and illegal gold mining which could be a source of destabilization for the subregion. Please, do not let our border ever be used by enemies of neighboring countries, brothers and friends. "

No grace time for these new leaders. The influence of the national gendarmerie and the maintenance of peace and security rest largely on them.