Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Exposed: Leaked confidential letter from Nsongwa Fon to Atanga Nji reveals Chomba Fon housing secessionists

Chomba, Nsongwa At Dangers Drawn! -Leaked confidential letter from Nsongwa Fon to Atanga Nji nails Chomba Fon for housing secessionists.

With the Anglophone crisis deepening further in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, relations between the two neighboring villages of Chomba and Nsongwa in Mezam Division, North West region are at their worst.

It is an atmosphere of suspicion and feeling of betrayal that reigns between villagers of these neighboring villages, following the leak of a confidential letter against the Fon of Chomba, allegedly sent to the Minister of territorial administration by the Fon of Nsongwa.

The said letter dated 31st October, 2018, accuse the Fon of Chomba of housing and collaborating with Ambazonian fighters. The letter supposedly from Fon Fonguh Emmanuel FONGWADE of Nsongwa said they have been rampantly harassed by some unknown guys allegedly from neighboring Chomba Village and they have reliable information that the individuals are working in association with the Fon of Chomba.

Another huge accusation carried by the confidential letter to Minister Paul Atanga Nji is that ammunitions are buried under the Chomba palace to be consequently used against Nsongwa village and other neighboring villages, considered as threat to Chomba.

The writer further claimed that the Fon of Chomba has been harbouring Amba boys and has dispatched some to neighboring Nigeria for training in order to reinforce threats against potential Chomba enemies.

Citing a group called « Mbachongwa Ambazonian Forces » led by a certain General Ivo the supposed Fon of Nsongwa in his letter said they came to him home for support, and indicated that they were working in collaboration with the Fons of Chomba and Mbatu villages in the Mezam.

Four months after the confidential letter which demanded the intervention of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, His Royal Highness Fon Fonguh Emmanuel FONGWADE issued a disclaimer to Minister Paul Atanga Nji on February 6th 2019.

The Fon of Nsongwa said the letter written on the 31st of October 2018, was not written by him or anybody representing him.

The traditional ruler of Nsongwa in a letter that looks different from the former both in form and format, said the former has nothing to do with him or his chiefdom, because he is a man of peace, a Christian and will never for any reason, do anything to hurt a person, especially a neighbor with whom they have lived together forever and have a lot in common.

Both communities have witnessed destruction and chaos like most communities in the conflict hit North West and South West regions, and it remains a mystery who is fanning a conflict among the villages which have seen their worst already.

Chomba, Nsongwa and Mbatu villages have also had a bitter taste of the war in these regions with a very unstable security atmosphere.

Hate and inter tribal tendencies is already becoming a serious Crisis in Cameroon, including the trouble hit regions.

There have been reports of strained relations between the indigenous people of the North West and some tribes in the region.

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