Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Etoudi: Paul Biya did not want to 'feel' the US ambassador

The meeting on Monday, March 18, between US Under Secretary of State Tibor Nagy and the Cameroonian president may not have been held in calm waters as one might think following the highly-publicized statements of the US government member. Witness this particularly disturbing image.

An image that has sparked an outcry among many international observers including Americans, who ask that the light be made on this subject: "The American public wants to know exactly what is happening in this image. It has been reported to us that the ambassador was harassed by the presidential guard on the strict instructions of the presidency.They wanted to prevent the ambassador from meeting the President together with the Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs.

It remains to be hoped that this information will not be proven, for if the attempt to prevent Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin from being part of the delegation accompanying Under-Secretary of State Tibor Nagy to meet with Mr. Biya proved to be true it is to be feared that the US Ambassador to Cameroon that the regime is not already in the heart because of its propensity to say things as they are, is really in the sights of this regime that not only takes liberties with the rights and liberties of its own citizens, but is increasingly taunting the Western powers, with the financial, political and military support it receives from powers such as China, Russia, Turkey and Israel. concerned about their own internal functioning through the issue of human rights. Even if, by nuance, it is against the Palestinians and not against its own populations that Israel likes to show muscles and teeth.

This intimidation, if it was true, could also have helped to cool Tibor Nagy's "right-wing" hunger, which - which is humanly understandable - would have feared, after this surge of savagery, to be attacked (if not worse). by Cameroonians acquired by the regime, if they persistently evoke the problem of Cameroonian politicians incarcerated for opposing Paul Biya, or that of the war in the English-speaking regions where the regime and its army have led once peaceful populations on the path of the Civil War.

Hence the mixed statement of Tibor Nagy at the end of the hearing, rather praising the "knowledge" (sic) and "wisdom of the president" (re-sic) Cameroon which it is obvious that these are not not the highest qualities, and that of the quality of Cameroon-US relations, while the hatred of the US in the ruling circles of Cameroon whose supporters in the opinion do not miss any opportunity to brocade the US by pointing the finger at his imperialism , are of the order of the truism.

Still, for many analysts, what happened in Yaounde on March 18 will not prevent Cameroonians bowing under the yoke of oppression to continue to raise their voice until one day someone one hears them and decides to help them put an end to a regime that draws its strength from the weapons available to its own army by the Western powers that it nargues and threatens today, as this tweet indicates Urging the Trump administration to intervene immediately in Cameroon where a silent genocide is taking place. "The world can not sit still watching a brutal dictator continue to commit war crimes with impunity. The anti-establishment administration of President @POTUS must stand with the oppressed, "reads.