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Friday, March 1, 2019

Etoudi: Civil War reported at the state highest level

I have already said it. Paul Biya is the only living being whose funeral and funeral have already been celebrated. Hold ! For his succession to Etoudi, the Bulu and Nanga, two clans who hold the reins of power he still believes hold, fight to death.

Not with words (God be praised!) But with the press, the chemical weapon best suited in the complosphere.

As you know, in this type of battle, you have to master the conspiracy theory or especially the number one principle of Arab diplomacy: kill the other before he kills you.

So it burns rags between the two camps that crush newspaper titles! Judge for yourself: "The Nanga clan decapitates the Bulu clan", "The Nanga war against Bulu is triggered", "The Bulu are angry Nanga", "Etoudi, battles between brothers-in-law" and tutti tutti! And then one learns at once, without any indication of the beginning of the beginning of proof of the real or the opposite, that "there is no Nanga war against Bulu around Paul Biya".

Signed "Realities". Here! So, it's ghostly, phantasmagorical, all that? At the risk of disappointing you, I must confess that the Mutant itself is lost in this true or false war of the President's beautiful families as a satellite in interplanetary space. And the first shells in the camp of Nanga were launched by L'Avenir, one of the last born of our mediaphère, and the Letter of the continent which attributed to Chantou national the pen which signed the government of January 4, 2019.

But, Young Africa (to fuck, if it suits you) did worse by serving the "Madam Chair" to the first lady! To attack the very one who, on planet Earth, can hardly find a humanist icon equal to his own! François Soudan and all those who preceded him would have been in the vicinity of the palace that they would have taken high heels in full pears! But, wise and always measured, the Chantou first walled in silence, leaving his fighters the burden of the counterattack, before shouting the wickedness in a tweet.

And the bad eyes saw there a blow stuffed with the Bulu who would have sung the old chorus of the political purge, the operation Epervier, tropical version of the operation Phoenix. Remember. In Vietnam, the CIA had set up this program which aimed at the physical liquidation of Viet Cong executives. By para-legal means.

And the agitated troublemaker is Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o, the ex-Mindef, who must be saved from the fire! Is it the right horse or is there another one or others?

Ah, there you go! Some ducks pointed to David Nkotto Emane, Camtel's former CEO as well. In any case, the paths and the coming days will tell us. Still, secession, the real one, as in the United States between 1861 and 1865, is there. It will take enough chargers for each side to win.There is so much more to say.

But, it's time to wrap up, so I want to focus on the essentials. I say it, index raised. In Africa, we do not speak of the succession of a king who still breathes! And the aging lion of Etoudi devoured all those who had the unfortunate temptation..

Reporter: The Mutant