Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Etoudì: Biya will move the lines because of Nagy

The United States of North America remains the world's leading power and their ability to impose an agenda on an ACP State is well established. Before the tête-à-tête with Biya, the American diplomat invited the latter and his team to be wise, relying on dialogue in the English-speaking zone and releasing Maurice Kamto and his family. After the head-to-head, Tibor Nagy declares that Biya is a wise man.

By parallelism of form, this means that Biya has consented to her initial prescriptions to prove her wisdom and tact. In the weeks or months to come, the lines will move; but out of pride, the Yaoundé regime will not do anything immediately. It is a regime that suffers and bends all the time against external influences and pressures but does not like it to know the common man. Regarding the case of Maurice Kamto and Co. which looks like a political trial supported by a code of political procedure, the Cameroonian executive, principal and sole sponsor will have no trouble finding the loophole .

Justice, whether civilian or military, is under his command and a simple phone call will stop all proceedings. Note, this case, juxtaposed with the Anglophone crisis, threatens the survival of the regime of Biya and if there is one area where it shines a thousand lights, it is its ability to detect even in an egg, the threats to its survival. When the American diplomat addresses the issues of US employment and investment, it is to signify or remind the Cameroonian ruling order the shortfall created by this crisis that begins to drag on.

Not to say it is to commit a denial of truth: the bilateral relationship between Cameroon and the US is essentially and above all a matter of economic interests and it is internationally known that when American interests are threatened in a sub -region or country, the country of Trump does not hesitate to use any means of military pressure. This is what is recalled in the background to the Yaoundé regime. At the exit of the tete-a-tete, the American diplomat received from Biya's hands an object of art in solid gold. The American, it was wise to hand in return a photo of Biya in the company of George Herbert Bush that dates from 1991.

We are at the heart of the symbolism and subtlety of diplomatic acts.Philosophically, the mere presence of Biya on a photo with a hyper President of regretted memory reminds Biya of the vanity and ephemeral nature of life and especially of power. In addition, this photo of Biya with a President who has already had at least four successors reminds him that it has lasted too long in power, hence the need to pass the witness. Tibor Nagy is also accompanied in this act of supreme intelligence by the Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin who does not spin the perfect love with the regime of Biya.

Reporter: Fabrice Yap Mounchili