Thursday, March 28, 2019

Equatorial Guinea Frees kamto, withdraws case of 'ill-gotten property' against him

Incarcerated in Kondengui, the Sieur Kamto Maurice will no longer defend Equatorial Guinea in the case between this African country and colonial France. It is Me Muppont-Moretti who will take care of it now.

Recovering the elements of the case of Equatorial Guinea / France (badly acquired) that held the lawyer Kamto, this is the real reason for the express trip of the French lawyer Dupont-Moretti in Cameroon on March 15. All the propaganda to which the pack of Christian hooligans had surrendered on this sterile trip was nothing but a cloak and a smokescreen.

Sieur Kamto Maurice Incarcerated for disorderly conduct, hostility to the nation, insurrection, it is mr. Dupont-Moretti who will henceforth be responsible for defending the interests of Equatorial Guinea in the "ill-acquired property" case against colonial France before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Note also that the French lawyer arrived in Yaoundé aboard a regular flight of "Royal Air Maroc" and not aboard a private jet as announced by fake newsman Boris Bertolt in the media.