Friday, March 29, 2019

Eperveir: Louis Roger Manga, DG MAETUR announced in court this Friday

This morning's hearing will focus on the passage of the Maetur manager before the Tribunal. Louis Roger Manga must present the evidence of the charges brought against Jean-Marie Zambo Amougou, former Technical Advisor of Maetur and President of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers of Cameroon (Cstc).

The latter is in fact accused of having diverted 71 parcels of land, for the benefit of third parties. The damage is estimated at 933 million CFA francs.

The detainee pleads not guilty to the charges against him. Jean-Marie Zambo Amougou has been detained at Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde since 14 July 2017. The court proceedings are stuck because of the production of evidence, which is still highly anticipated.

The facts in three parts

As a reminder, according to the report of the judicial inquiry, the facts are summarized in three parts. For the first part, Zambo Amougou, Tsoungui and the notary Adda are accused of complicity in coercion of alleged embezzlement in the amount of 534.1 million CFA francs. On January 15, 1985, the State of Cameroon expropriated 34 hectares of land in the Ngousso district of Yaoundé. The expropriated land was used for the construction of the Yaounde General Hospital, and shortly thereafter for the Gyneco-Obstetric Hospital in Yaounde. And the State of Cameroon obtained, on February 16, 1999, the issue of land title No. 26909 / Mfoundi.

Subsequently, the lands not affected by the buildings, were granted to the Maetur by mutation, October 17, 2002. Then begins the standoff between the State of Cameroon and the native populations. They demand the retrocession of their unexploited plots after the construction of the two hospitals. Maetur, then the owner of these lands, began selling them to private individuals.

Meanwhile, the late Francois Belibi, the father of the defendant Jean Marie Tsoungui, one of the indigenous protesters, also began to give the same land to individuals. A total of 35 lots of land valued at 534 million CFA francs.