Sunday, March 10, 2019

Elig-Edzoa market fire: Paul Biya takes his responsibilities

The Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji yesterday expressed to the tradesmen affected by this fire, the support of the Head of State followed by symbolic measures of accompaniment.

On the night of Sunday 04 to Monday, March 05, 2019, traders EligEdzoa market in Yaounde were brutally pulled from their sleep, by the alerts to a fire. According to an assessment made by the market manager, about 129 shops were consumed by the fury of the flames. The uncontrolled establishment of the shops without respecting the rules of construction prevented the fire soldiers who arrived on the scene from intervening. For now, the probable causes are anarchic connections. In addition to material damage, there was a death of a shopkeeper who had just refueled her shop that could not withstand the emotional shock and made the consequences of a malaise.

Informed of the incident, the President of the Republic dispatched to the scene, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji not only to assess the extent of the damage, but also bring comfort to the victims. In fact of comfort, the Minat has given to each of the 129 merchants affected the sum of 200.000 FCFA. During this raid on the scene, the Minat was accompanied by the government delegate to the Yaoundé urban community, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, the governor of the Central Region, Naseri Paul Bea, the prefect of the Mfoundi Jean Claude Tsila and the souspréfet of Yaoundé 1st. At the end of the market visit, the Minat did not make any mystery about the reasons for this descent: "I came to convey the sympathy of the President of the Republic to the victims of this fire.

I have already been to Douala for the case of the Congo market not long ago. The President of the Republic had told me to go watch and make an assessment with the administrative authorities and bring his words of comfort to the victims of this fire.I am once again at the Elig-Edzoa market on very high instructions from the President of the Republic, to bring once again the words of comforts of the Head of State to the traders who are victims of the fire. Paul Atanga Nji unveiled the good news he was carrying which is that the market will be rebuilt and the victims of the fire will be served primarily. To this end, an important evaluation meeting is announced under the leadership of the Minister General Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Séraphin Magloire Fouda. The object will be to look into the issue of repeated fires in the markets that are daily victims with damages amounting to billions of FCFA.

To the victims, the Minat during the meeting held in one of the rooms of Yaounde City Hall gave each, the sum of 200,000 FCFA, under the support of the Head of State. The victims while saluting the gesture of the President of the Republic have not failed to raise complaints including the market is regularly a fire every March. In their view, it is important for the public authorities to look into this situation so that definitive solutions, in particular the security of the markets, are adopted to avoid scenarios like that of March 4th. It is with a smirk that they have returned to their homes with the firm conviction that the public authorities are at their side, because as says a saying, it is in difficult times that we recognize his true friends.

Source: The Sparrowhawk N ° 1308