Friday, March 29, 2019

CPDM Militant Condemns Military Atrocities In Nwa Subdivision -Says Soldiers Are Arming Fulani Herdsmen Against Locals

An elite of Nwa Subdivision and Member of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) party of President Paul Biya has described as atrocious the actions of security forces in the area.
Speaking to Mimi Mefo info on grounds of anonymity, the disgruntled local

"Nwa is believed to be the oldest subdivision but with no practicable road network, no portable water and no development.

 "I am devastated as I write to you that the Military is on rampage in Gom Village,  Nwa sub Division, Donga Mantung Division.  They killed a pastor, a mad man , one industrious cripple who acts like a village guide to visitors and burnt down houses.
"What bothers me is the fact that the military is arming the Fulanis who are working hand in hand with them. These Fulani people now move around with AK47s whereas our local hunting guns were handed over to the Divisional Officer at the request of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung.

"If the Military can invade a village that is always left out when developmental issues come up to kill, loot and destroy,  then we are heading for the worst.

"Disarming by arming a favoured faction of the population is disastrous."

Mimi Mefo Info