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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Consumption of Tramol in Cameroon: Ernest Obama accuses the government

As part of their daily Tour d'Horizon program, broadcast between 10:30 and 11:55, from Monday to Friday on the antennas of the Cameroonian private television Vision4, the four Dinosaurs of the information came back on the question of the drug in young environment.

In his analysis, the director of this television channel, Ernest Obama has put the wrong on the authorities. According to him, the circuits of illicit sale of drugs drugs and other narcotics are known by all, but curiously nothing is done: "We see people under the sun, the rain passes by, the cartoons get wet on come back the next day, do you get the same medicine?and what happens in the total indifference of the authorities? ", he said, before relaunching that:" There is a whole market of medicines in the central market of Yaoundé; a drug there is first conservation.You can even sell a good medicine in the street, but the preservation is not good.When there is a child who dies like that, it will move for two or three days, a maximum of one week, and will it go unnoticed? "

The Elite Club presenter does not go out of his way to show that the real perpetrators of these drugs and other narcotics are in government: "It's you who are the wholesalers of these drugs. When I say you, those whom Martial (Martial Owona ed) often calls, the few things of the republic. They are the ones selling street drugs. They are the wholesalers? ", He reassures us.

For him, it is not enough to accuse children, but to question the voices of drug supply in Cameroon: "How do these drugs come to Cameroon? It's easy to pick on children. I think there are legal channels through which drugs enter a country. The drugs that are sold at the central market, the ones we sell at the Nsam market, how do they get into Cameroon ?? can they enter Cameroon without the complicity of the authorities ??? "he asked himself;before concluding that "If a child dies of Tramol, you have to blame the government?"