Thursday, March 28, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Paul Biya wants to meet Kamto on the sly

This is the new deal not to evade a Cameroonian-Cameroonian tragedy in several acts. In order not to get upset, who has boasted these days following Kamto's announcement of his willingness as president-elect to talk to the man who confiscated his victory, saying that the president could not get off its heights to get on the ground with a "citizen like everyone else".

After having had its conscience particularly hammered over the past three months by the international community, national and international human rights organizations and others, the Cameroonian "president" Paul Biya, may have decided to regain control of the its regime's brutal suppression of political and social opposition in the country.

This is what can be inferred from the informal meeting of about half an hour between an emissary of the presidency and Maurice Kamto on Tuesday in the office of the judge of the Court of Appeal of the Center where the officially ranked candidate 2nd of the presidential election of 2018 and his main allies (Christian PENDA EKOKA, Albert DZONGANG, Paul Éric KINGUE, Pr. Alain FOGUE, Célestin DJAMEN, and Gaston Serval ABE aka "General VALSERO") appeared to defend their request for surrender released on 7 March by a judge of the High Court of Mfoundi.

According to a source widely relayed by the media, and of which we still do not know all the reasons for what looks like a leak, the hearing of this Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at the Court of Appeal did not go as planned, the appellants detained at Kondengui Main Prison, not all of whom were released at the same time for the court.

According to the informant, "President Kamto was extracted alone to meet the judge. To our surprise, he found himself at the judge's office with an emissary from the Presidency of the Republic. This meeting lasted less than 30 minutes. Only after the other detainees were all received at the same time by the same judge, this time without the emissary of the presidency ".

Of course, the content of the interview that would have taken place remains confidential. Like the meeting between Paul Biya and the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, who is well known to have come to Cameroon strictly related to the case of the arrest of Maurice Kamto of his political partners and its activists, as well as the worsening of the Anglophone crisis.

Simple coincidence? Hard to say. But many see the sign of a beginning of relaxation to put this time to the assets of Paul Biya who would answer the hand of his opponent and successor whom he confiscated the victory (probably despite himself), in the goal of bringing a touch of serenity to Cameroon where, more than the Anglophone crisis that has already made thousands of civilian and military deaths, wounded, hundreds of thousands of refugees and hundreds of villages burned by the army, without to forget public buildings also burned by secessionist armed groups, and the activities completely at half-mast, crystallizes the attentions, it being understood that the election of Maurice Kamto represented the only hope of peaceful resolution of the historic conflict which opposes the English-speaking separatists and the government central Yaoundé, qualified by them as assimilationist.