Wednesday, March 27, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: panicked, the Biya regime is shaken

Since the establishment of his political party and its salutary mission for the change in Cameroon by the elections, the President Maurice Kamto gives a hard time to the regime of Paul Biya who feels, from day to day, the vise tightening around him. The resulting high pressure makes some connoisseurs of the seraglio say that Professor Maurice Kamto has succeeded in reversing the famous steamroller of the regime. A sleight of hand of which only talented physicists are capable.

The degree of pressure of the steamroller which is crushing the Yaoundé regime is materialized today by this famous black list of relatives of Biya that the United States has elaborated. It must be clear that this list can be considered a trap for the regime because in reality, all members of the government and all those close to Paul Biya are concerned. Indeed, members of the government and relatives of Paul Biya are all under threat of arrest abroad, especially in the West and the United States. The proclaimed president Paul Biya had already known it for a long time, which is why he had his children repatriated to enroll them in ENAM.

As we have already mentioned, during the 2018 election year, the RCM completely overshadowed the CPDM and its champion. This eclipse reached its climax with the arrest of Kamto and the reaction of the so-called opposition parties who federated against the MRC as a confirmation that it is the party that won the last presidential elections. So it is no surprise that this party, which relies on the people, advances towards change, crushing in its wake, like a steamroller, all the mischief that the regime has deployed to stop its progress. A reversal of the steamroller that makes some say that the President, the Professor, the penalty shooter, the penalty marker, the President-elect, is also without a shadow of a doubt a Professor of Physics and more specifically a teacher of mechanics.

The leaders of the CPDM try to explain the rout of the regime by the fact that the regime has fallen into the trap of President Maurice Kamto. A trap that unfolds gently, silently, without apparent violence, gently, but with a force, cleverly calculated, like a boa in its long embrace around its prey.Only the breath of the Cameroonian people can ensure such pressure. So let's take a close look at this steamroller, which CPMR notables describe as a trap: - The option of creating war in the NOSO was already a mistake under the pressure of the big penalty shooter. The government hoped to create a climate of general martial fear to force the opposition to boycott the elections and pass like a handkerchief.

- The deployment of the candidate Maurice Kamto in the North will urge the candidate Paul Biya to go to the North of Cameroon, in a desperate return trip that moved the whole Nation with pity. This will be the one and only act of election campaign of incumbent President Paul Biya.

- The validation of the goal marked by President Maurice Kamto and the invitation of the outgoing President to a peaceful transition will surprise the seraglio and increase the pressure of a hair. The diet will be speechless because the tightening was a bit strong.

- The constitutional court will try to come to the rescue of the regime by bringing him a little oxygen but it will be lost because President Kamto will charge Master Ndoki, Muna, Simh, etc ... to humiliate our Constitutional Council world-wide, validating in a way the goal marked by the now national "pichichi".

- Still under pressure, the CPDM will organize a handover ceremony without the elected president and a reshuffle, tasteless, tasteless, which will defy all clumsiness, reflecting the excitement of a regime under pressure.

- The CPDM regime will launch into the "tribalisation" of the MRC with political, media and economic actors who will shine the time of a radio or television show.Since the recipe no longer works, they can not convince themselves that the elected president is a tribalist. The pressure does not relax.

- The pressure will go up a notch when the regime will realize that the diaspora, docile or silent for more than half a century, decided to take things in hand.

- In panic, the power will try to brandish its claws by firing on the protesters. A small life-size test that will inform the regime on the determination of the diaspora. The case is serious.

- The breathing of this diet, taken in the compressions of the muscular body of the boa constrictor, is difficult, which completely affects his discernment to the point where cooks, journalists, passers-by, the curious, etc ... will be arrested with the president elected surrounded by all his collaborators and some activists.

- Since then, Cameroon's political parties, civil society, religious, the UN, the AU, the EU, NGOs, the United States have stepped up to try to relieve the regime. They will only be able to note that the regime, under the effect of pressure, delirium, to the point of becoming deaf, blind and insensitive.

- The country has literally been under military rule and the authorities spend their day declaring that they preserve a peace that we do not have, that they protect people and property while everything shatters, that they ensure the maintenance of order as the country is plunged into indescribable chaos.

- The pressure is such that the authorities feel all condemned to the point where they would enter into general panic when it is necessary to go abroad. The declared president has still not set foot outside Cameroon. Since he escaped a lynching scheduled for the summit of peace in Paris, he dreads any exit. He would be whispering that the declared president would not have gone to N'Djamena at the CEMAC summit because he was afraid to be arrested there. By who ? For what reasons? Only pressure can explain it.

- There is also a very strong and dizzying pressure, to explain that the declared president attacks his own son, Mebe Ngo'o, while it can be of great help especially in this moment he is very fragile. One of the effects of pressure is the loss of discernment.

- The arrival in Paris of two French lawyers and an American who passed through Paris testifies to the methodical approach of the steamroller that is snapping up the Yaoundé regime alive.

- The pressure level of the steamroller is mounted with a notch with this famous black list of relatives of Biya that the United States has elaborated. And let's be clear, all members of the government and relatives of Paul Biya are all under threat of arrest abroad, especially in the West and the United States. This may be the reasons for the absence of the president proclaimed at the summit of the CEMAC in N'Djamena.

- Gradually, CPDM members discover that they are able to clean their environment and that they can join the MRC members to clean up our cities. A kind of allegiance to the MRC.

- Gradually, breathing after breathing, the money used for corruption will be scarce and we will see less and less enlightened come on TV sets, incense murders and violence and tell us about the blue color of A blackboard.

- Gradually, children and relatives of these prevaricators will be forced to return to the fold or to bend (not knowing how to work) to the prostitution that their parents have imposed on the children of others.

- Gradually, bandits will not be able to fly because there will be nothing more to steal. Indeed, funding and loans from outside or international organizations, which gorged these predators at the expense of structuring projects and citizens, will be stopped.

- Gradually, the populations will be totally impacted by this difficult situation but it will be a salutary difficulty because the police, the gendarmerie and the army which specialized in the racket of the population will have nothing to put in the tooth and will finish therefore, under this pressure, to take back the place which is theirs, that is to say near the people.

- The regime will eventually accept the advice of friendly countries, the intervention of the United Nations, the visits of Cameroonian journalists (who often confine themselves to repeat what dictates to them the power) in the English-speaking areas and an inclusive dialogue with the people . It will be the end of this regime, with the prospect of a real change as President Maurice Kamto wishes.

In conclusion, the mission of Kamto is a success on all fronts and this MRC of Maurice Kamto is a source of hope for the Cameroonian people. The suffering of Cameroonians has reached such peaks that the powerful breath of their agony feeds all the forces, internal or external, that can strengthen the power of this steamroller, which will crush the regime.

Seen from this angle, it is safe to say that President Maurice Kamto is not only a law professor but he is also a professor of physics who has succeeded in reversing the corrupt mechanics of the steamroller. CPDM, which is turning against the regime. Of course, common sense and good feelings could help loosen the grip of this boa constrictor and go to a more or less peaceful transition that will leave fewer sequels.

Reporter: Douala Ngando