Tuesday, March 26, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Iranian site announces arrest of Paul Biya

Government members and relatives of President Paul Biya are all under threat of arrest abroad, especially in the West and the United States. President Paul Biya had already known it for a long time, so he had his children repatriated and enrolled at ENAM, the most prestigious business school in the country.

The degree of pressure of the American steamroller, which is slowly crushing the Yaoundé regime, is materialized today by the famous black list of Biya's relatives that the United States has elaborated.There are 27 in all that will be prosecuted in the coming days according to certain sources to the US Secretary of State.

He would whisper that President Biya would not have gone to N'Djamena at the CEMAC summit because he was afraid to be arrested there. By who ? For what reasons?

But why the United States want at all costs to leave the Cameroonian president? This small country of Central Africa which represents nothing in the concert of nations suddenly becomes very interesting in the eyes of the USA. We ask ourselves questions when we know that this same state supports the kingdoms of the Gulf that do not respect any human law. The united states are not models in human rights and freedoms. The most recent example is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state at odds with all international conventions.

President Biya who was elected for a seventh term is considered the solution for many Cameroonians despite the rise of tribalism, war in its English-speaking areas, political arrests and rising poverty in this resource-rich country.

Source: www.binourhussein.com