Thursday, March 28, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Chantal Biya's health is deteriorating day by day

We learn from a generally well-known source that Chantal Biya, Cameroon's first lady, was allegedly perfused in the clinic of the presidency of the republic on Friday, March 22nd.

Indeed, if we believe this source, it would suffer, believe it, generalized fatigue coupled with sudden and pronounced dehydration.

For the moment, two doctors, who are said to be Italian or Spanish, arrived in Cameroon on Saturday morning and are presently at his side waiting for a discreet medical evacuation that could be done in the coming days.

It is recalled that the first lady appeared very thin and very weakened, on March 8, during the celebration of the International Women's Day. Her physical condition that surprised a majority of Cameroonians who had never seen their first lady as thin in just a few weeks, contrasting with the images of her in great shape, less than a month only at the birthday party of her husband, the head of state Paul BIYA, who turned 86 on February 13th.

What is more, it is recalled that originally planned to go to the Cemac Summit in N'Djamena, Paul Biya finally failed at the last minute. Yet waited in N'Djamena to succeed Idriss Deby Itno to the presidency of the CEMAC. All the more reason for fueling an increasingly persistent rumor about the state of health that the rumor wants degrading and worrying of his wife.Which, certainly, could rightly or wrongly amplify and revive what was already said of her since the images of her exit, which was said to be very thin and very weak, of March 8th.

In any case, only a public release of the first lady in the coming days could silence the rumor about her health.