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Friday, March 8, 2019

Cameroon: tribute to Henriette Ekwe, the woman who made the history of Cameroon!

All her youth, she campaigned for the total independence of our country and she was imprisoned for her political convictions. 

Returning to the country after a speech by Paul Biya at the Elysee Palace before 1990, he said that no one has the right to take the Marquis to express his political opinions. She was very disappointed because Biya was even more senile than the former dictator.

So, she is forced to hide 2 years in Bamileke country because the new despot is more violent. Later, after this very hectic moment of the years 1992, she will always continue her fight of politician engaged.When creating D'ELECAM, Paul Biya wants to name her but she refuses because she is told that she can not change anything. By the way, she says: "Elecam is a subsection of the CPDM, I could not therefore not accept to only enjoy the privileges of member of this body. She prefers to be noble than to betray the people to satisfy these vital needs. "

By contributing to what is happening in Cameroon, there is no freedom in Cameroon, the power in place discourages people who want to follow the serious opponents who want to change things. For example, if they want to walk, they make people say, their children are strangers, yet they deceive you so much, they will never tell you why they are the opponents. She adds: "If you walk, we shoot on you, either they stop you and send you to prison.For her, Biya is a supra dictator.The magistrates are in the pay of the regime.Everything is really attached to the presidenc.So, she tells an annedocte : (In 2011 the first judge of the Supreme Court wants to ridicule Ayah Paul and him to answer him, above all, I am a magistrate like you and you were not even the most famous of our generation which you can not me ' learn how to write a request!) The tyrant names zozos who do the job for him Look at the Kamto file, the judges there are probably no control over the defense!

It's like in the electoral dispute, real ZINZINS who demonstrated to the world their weakness in from elecam's lawyer through the members of the Constitutional Council who were below the task can be telegraphed but really nil. That is what mother HENRIETTE EKWE who made the history of our country said. For her, "Biya is a dictator and there is no freedom, no justice under his rule" ...