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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cameroon: this is the new joker minister of Paul Biya

The indefatigable joker of the President of the Republic now has the heavy burden of managing, consolidate public finances at the time when resources are scarce, while the needs intensify. A mission like any other he leads with brilliance. If it earns him the trust of Paul Biya, this is not the case for his critics decided to kill him.

It is one of the most selling topics at the moment in the Cameroonian press. Louis Paul Motaze is the head of newspaper columns, so the titles of large Unes are reserved for him. But it is not so much to praise his achievements in his public action, nor simply to relay his action in the administration he is in charge of, but it is much more to lend him intentions to destabilize the regime in place.

In short, Louis Paul Motaze has become the target to shoot down a certain press. What badly hides the will of some pundits of the regime to harm its action.

But, the certainty remains that this son of the department of Dja-et-Lobo in the South region, major of his promotion to National School of Administration and Judiciary (ENAM), section economy and finance, the civil administrator touches- to-all, keeps all the confidence of the Head of State. He even appears obviously like his missions man. And for the time being, the mission entrusted to him by the President of the Republic is that of managing public finances at a time when the state coffers are being put to the test.

In fact, Cameroon is facing various security crises, particularly in the Far North, East, North West and South West regions, with the consequent real difficulties for economic activity. in these parts of the country, and consequently the loss of revenue for the state coffers. Not withstanding this, with tact and diplomacy, the Minister of Finance, which inspires the confidence of the financial markets through various operations on the financial markets, including successful bond issues, manages to keep the coffers of the state afloat.

Upon his arrival at the Ministry of Finance, he even managed to breathe new life into the national economy by facilitating the payment of a large part of the domestic debt. More than 100 billion CFA francs of debt have been paid to small and medium-sized local businesses.

Public finances to be cleaned

Another success of Louis Paul Motaze at the head of the Ministry of Finance is the significant management of the Economic and Financial Program signed in 2017 with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Which earned Cameroon in December 2018, the congratulations of the board of directors of this institution of BrettonWoods. MitsuhitoFurusawa, his deputy director general and acting president, said that, "Cameroon's performance under its ECF-supported program is broadly satisfactory.

Most of the targets by the end of June 2018 were met and structural reforms progressed, with the completion of the key financial sector reforms that had been delayed." It should be remembered that the good conduct of this program is making it possible in Cameroon, facilities for disbursement of funds from the IMF, but also various budgetary support from Cameroon's technical and financial partners, notably, the African Development Bank (ADB), the French Development Agency (AFD), etc.

This three-year agreement worth $667.8 million for Cameroon, which ends in 2019, was approved on June 26, 2017, with the aim of supporting the country's efforts to restore external viability. and budget.

One of the least significant parts of the mission entrusted to Louis Paul Motaze at Minfi is to clean up this sector. And, the results are visible. The launch in April 2018 of the physical counting operation of civil servants and state agents is illustrative.An operation whose purpose is to enumerate, identify and expurgate the state balance file, all fictitious public officials. And to date, a little over 25,000 officials and agents of the Cameroonian state must clarify their situation with the Ministry of Finance. This operation should eventually allow the state to save on its payroll. This sanitation also concerns the manners of this department often pinned as one of the most corrupt.

Motaze has the heavy task of eradicating the phenomenon of corruption that has made its bed at the Ministry of Finance. At the point where this administration was ranked 2nd among the most corrupt administrations by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC), in its 2017 report of the state on corruption in Cameroon. The vast personnel movement operated by Louis Paul Motaze in 2018 is part of this desire for sanitation. Just like the suspension, a few weeks ago some officers at the Directorate General of Customs for conduct contrary to professional ethics and ethics.

The pilot and major projects of the "Great Achievements" The missions of Paul Biya to Louis Paul Motaze did not begin with the Ministry of Finance. Already at the General Secretariat of the Primature, as well as his passages at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (Minepat), Louis Paul Motaze was the great pilot of major projects of "Great Achievements" expensive to the President of the Republic. In addition to seeking funding for the implementation of these large projects through the Minepat, by successfully negotiating several financing agreements with bilateral and multilateral donors. Louis Paul Motaze led the physical realization of some of them, presiding over the steering committee of the latter.

This is the case, for example, of the construction project of the industrial-port complex of Kribi in the South region, as well as the hydro-electric power station of Mekin. Louis Paul Motaze, it should be noted, is also one of the initiators of the Strategy Paper for Growth and Employment (DSCE), the development matrix of Cameroon. All things that made some observers say that Louis Paul Motaze is "the man of the President", "the architect of the country", "the strategist".

And for others, it is "the bulldozer", "Mr. structuring projects", or "the builder", "the man of all construction sites". If not for some that the "joker" of the government. Qualifiers that are also worth the adversity of some political opponents he has become the target. This is also the ransom of glory.

Source: The weekly accent N ° 104