Friday, March 29, 2019

Cameroon: a priest is suspended for 'raping' a 15-year-old child in Menoua

Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam has been suspended from his position as a priest of the Catholic Church since March 3, 2019. He lives today in his native village of Banjoun, in western Cameroon, while awaiting the results of an investigation into accusations of pedophilia.

The news of his charges has alienated many friends and family members of a priest who has been in vocation for nearly twenty years.

He lives almost alone, although some members of his family still believe in his integrity and the intervention of God.

The priest voluntarily disconnected from social media to avoid trauma and insults from parishioners and those who heard the story. Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam said: "... On March 3, 2019, I was prevented from performing my priestly duties at the Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church in Bamendou, but a letter of suspension was formally served on March 16 to leave the parish. Since then, I am patiently waiting for the end of the investigation. It's difficult for me but I have no choice »

After a virginity test performed on the alleged victim aged fifteen (* undisclosed names) at the medical center of radiology and imaging of Bafoussam and signed by the Dr. Emmanuel Doumbe Mouen, she is a virgin and has never been penetrated.

In another medical examination at the "Clinic of Solidarity" still in Bafoussam, Dr. Mpaba Bargama Rodir attests to the virginity of the girl.

According to the alleged victim of sexual assault, "I do not know anything about the rumor that Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam raped me. A man living in our neighborhood informed us of the incident.The medical test performed on me shows that I am still a virgin. What worries me now is that Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam suffers for what he does not know. "

Lucienne, biological mother of the girl who championed the procedure of medical examination, said:" the priest is accused of nothing for having sex with my daughter. I took her to two different hospitals and the medical results indicate that she was never penetrated. Why should people and Christians involve my daughter in such a dubious deal?

Life of a girl and a mother in danger:

The victim and her mother, Tsobgo Lucienne, are currently seeking refuge in an unknown locality in western Cameroon.

The two men left Bamendou immediately after a medical examination and proved that the girl was still a virgin, which means that she had never been sexually assaulted by the priest.

After the departure of the Bamendou priest, the alleged group of boys began throwing stones at the poor woman's roof with death threat messages addressed to the mother and daughter. The boys accused the woman of urging the girl to testify on behalf of Father Jean Baptiste Pohokam.


The parishioners of Saint Maximilien Kolbe church in Bamendou, in western Cameroon, are divided on the issue of the practice of pedophilia by Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam.

In a letter dated March 10, 2019, the parish, addressed to Mgr Dieudonné Watio and copied to another appropriate place, bishop of Bafoussam, Christians of the parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe Bamendou, explained the shortcomings to the direction of which they have been victims since the suspension of Father Jean. Baptiste Pouokam for an alleged sexual scandal.

In the three-page letter signed by six different department heads in the parish, Christians explain how dishonest and dishonest dishonest people have come up with the shameful incident of sexual assault simply to get rid of the priest.

To the Christians, the boys stormed the parish during the day with objects accusing the priest of rape, the dismissal of a teacher and claiming the appointment of a legitimate son of Bamendou at the head of the parish.

Other sources in the parish of Bamendou indicate that a certain Serge, former classmate of Father Jean Baptiste Pouokam at the seminary, has always wanted to ruin the priest.

It is said that Serge has generated the rumor that would tarnish the image of the priest in question and therefore send him back from his priesthood.

According to a message read to the parishioners by Bishop Dieudonné Watio, Bishop of Bafoussam, Thursday, March 21, the church hierarchy opened an investigation to find the root cause of the problem.

Some Christians in the church have criticized the bishop for what they describe as a hasty decision to suspend the priest without prior investigation. For them, getting the version of the little girl, her mother and the priest before any suspension decision will have made sense.