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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Cameroon: the nephew of Paul Biya, shame and a brake on the Meyomessala development

The first who officiates in the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Republic and the second, nephew of the head of state and vice-governor of the BEAC sufficiently incarnate, the image of these elites who draw the district of origin of the "Name mistletoe" who gave them everything by appointing them to very high offices of the Republic. But only he can not do everything himself, let alone put behind each of them, a policeman. The city remains in darkness yet, it is full of sons and daughters who are part of the ruling circles in the Nation. These two men are at the center of multiple drifts and are vomited by the populations they despise by their opulence and their great properties.

The high politico-financial delinquency, the malice and contempt of some elites of Meyomessala seem to agree with the author of the book entitled "paradoxes of the country organizers" and we are there in the South. Indeed, how to understand that the district of the President of the Republic, endowed with many sons and daughters to the juicy and high positions in the country has become a ghost town where darkness has taken up residence. Among the many cases that exist to illustrate the bad faith and even the malice of these elites, we find in the right place Martin Bilé Bidjang and Dieudonné Evou Mekou, son of the late eldest brother of the head of state, Benoit Assam Mvondo .They do not lift a finger to allow Meyomessala and his people to get out of the rut. So far, only Camtel's former general manager, David Nkoto Emane, has been able to win the hearts of the people by building a parish in which burial masses are said to be.

Martin Bilé Bidjang: a broken arm of the development of Meyomessala

This man Despite the many attentions and denunciations raised so far, managed the feat of diverting the construction of a luxury hotel in the city of Meyomessala for his village has, in the back of the head of state. Until when will the President of the Republic continue to suffer their humiliation? Where did the money go, the future of which would have become uncertain? According to sources and corroborating evidence, the crime of Bilé Bidjang would sabotage the development projects of Meyomessala, to achieve them for personal purposes and generally on his own land to the detriment of Meyomessla in general and Mvomeka'a in particular .The dangerousness of this man would be proved because, a single radish would not pass under his eyes without it invoking an action in possession whatever the means used and whatever their public or private nature. It's a real snake that swallows everything in its path.

Dieudonné Evou Mekou, the stingy presidential nephew

The nephew of the head of state, who was propelled to the prestigious post of vice-governor of the BEAC is the shame of his uncle who gave him everything and did everything for him . But today he is rendering these benefits to him in a strange way, humiliating him wherever he goes. Evou Mekou as Bilé Bidjang, according to reliable sources, contempt for local people including the base of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian people, party of the head of state, Paul Biya.  Dieudonné Evou Mekou was appointed to the BEAC when his detractors were waiting for him behind the bars of Kodengui Central Prison for embezzlement of public funds in his time at the Caisse Autonome d'Amortization (CAA), where he occupied the position of general manager.

The big question today is whether this poor manager will be proposed by the president Paul Biya to the governorship of the BEAC because, soon according to the mechanism of participation of the Member States of the BEAC by the technique of the rotation, it will be the turn of Cameroon.Paul Biya at the height of his discretion and the reverse that makes him wipe his own nephew, will he take one step further to the latter? Evou Mekou is famous according to many Cameroonians, being stingy, stingy, selfish. All things that would prevent him from making a quality contribution to the development of Meyomessala.  These two elites of the round of Meyomessala according to many observers of the political thing, are on the grid and the populations claim their heads which finally do not serve them anything at all.

Source: The Sparrowhawk N ° 1308