Monday, March 25, 2019

Cameroon: Moving farewell message of Colonel Badjeck

Recently appointed to the post of technical adviser to the Ministry of Defense by Paul Biya, Colonel Didier Badjeck is about to leave the communication division of the same ministry where he had been head for eight (08) years.

Very nostalgic of the years spent in this post, the senior officer has published a fact a recent post on the networks by way of farewell.

Read the whole of his post:

"Hello, I took a step back in the meantime, especially to empty and detach myself from a function that stuck to my skin. Enemies have triumphed too quickly, thinking that I could be disappointed with my current situation. I would like to say that the only memory that will remain like a trophy and in a resilient way, after 8 years spent at DIVCOM, (which is the absolute record), is the testimony of satisfaction that the Minister Delegate made to me. the Presidency in charge of Defense during my installation. A brief, sincere and eulogistic testimony that rewarded 8 years of struggle against the impostors of the Republic.

But in all things there is an end, and one must know how to draw happiness into what we have done, especially when it has been done with loyalty and selflessness. I surely have not been foolproof. I thank you all for your indulgence, I especially thank first and foremost the fighters of the web, those who encouraged and supported me, the Republicans, and the patriots. We will never leave the boat.

We are fighters of conviction and not of post. Never let the enemy defeat us. In 8 years, I have built an image that no longer belongs to me. Even if I should retire in a few days, without being a sanction, because the 5th of April next I will have 58 brooms, my forces will be invested with you to continue the fight of this beautiful popular defense, dear to our country . Now, to the informers, to all those who have spent their time insulting me, you see, I am proud to have led the good fight, and I will not stop under any pretext. As soon as the institutions are attacked, I will join the cohort. To you who recognize you under this dome, I must tell you like Antoine de St-Exupery, "if you differ from me my brother, far from damaging me, you enrich me".

What did not I see and hear? Insults, taunts, slanders... the good news is that I forgive you, and I feel comfortable to realize that you feel happy in the abjection, it is your right. We'll see each other again. For friends of the fora, I leave nothing, I did not leave. Fake news is a gangrene that must be killed. To my younger brother, the brand new DIVCOM, I wish him the best. See you soon. "Colonel Badjeck