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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cameroon-MINDEF: Beti assomo reassures military on the availability of their salary

There has recently been a failure of inverters at cenady, the host of the civil servants computer system.

Some have quickly concluded that the military will have no salary this month especially since the document on the failure of cenadi left the ministry of defense to end up in social networks.

This ministry has just issued a statement to reassure its staff on the availability of wages this month.

Mindef Press Release:

" Information peddled on social networks by ostensibly malevolent individuals, and executors of sponsors in the shadows, and whose objective now well-proven is to undermine the cohesion of the military institution, having failed miserably in the promotion of irredentism, would like to make believe that the payment of the pay of the soldiers and civil servants of the state of cameroon might not be effective in this month of march 2019. This is in fact the misinterpretation of an internal memo to the defense forces, relating to the minor technical difficulties that have arisen in the overall institutional salary processing chain, and the rest have already been solved.

A minimum of honesty, curiosity or even simply critical thinking would undoubtedly spared these bulimics of fake news turned into pyromaniacs of the web to get lost in this imposture, one more, and the humiliation that result is only the fair price of their forfeiture. what is the limit of the recurring human stupidity except for those enemies of the republic, cowards of the blogosphere, betrayed, exposed and vulnerable by their own turpitudes, to take a step forward to switch into the gloomy void , convinced that they are of a truth that exists only in their obscurantist fantasies, and nowhere else! "