Monday, March 18, 2019

Cameroon Crisis: the brother of a policeman burned alive by secessionists speaks out

The policeman on duty at the mobile intervention group of Bamenda, was kidnapped by armed individuals, recognized as fighters of the republic of Ambazonia. It was in the evening of Saturday, March 16, 2019, not far from his place of service. Joel Tidike, a native of the Adamaoua region, will be tortured by his tormentors before being loosely burned alive.

Here is the moving testimony of his older brother, Blaise Moussa

The secessionist follies torn me tragically and badly my older brother, TIDIKE Joel, kidnapped 100 meters from his service, the GMI Bamenda, tortured and immolated by fire in 30 minutes in a football field nearby.

My brother lived in Bamenda and integrated since 2002. He felt better there than anywhere else. He loved his other brothers and sisters of Bamenda without limit.

The majority of them did it well. And it was visible, even real. My brother, mobilized and dead for the Republic, without the fault of the Republic and without any fault on his part against anyone.

My family bears the marks of this useless war against our common nation and shares it. His blood will fertilize, I hope, the mud of hope of a return to the values ​​of the Cameroonian living together. His ultimate, vital and mortal cries, pain and contrition will be a Christ sacrifice for our united people forever. My family is above hatred, still crying but still singing the hymn to perfect national unity.

Tears shed as a prayer for good sense and the reconciliation of hearts, without any precondition for the return of each and everyone to the motherland. We are relying on the pacifying power of the hearts of the only Eternal and Living God.