Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cameroon Crisis: Black Day In Wum, Mbesa Under Attack as soldiers set houses ablaze

Several houses have been set ablaze in Zonghefu village in Wum by soldiers, a source has confirmed.

The onslaught came barely less than a week after soldiers reportedly shot and later burnt three boys in a house to death.
A month ago, soldiers publicly executed a man near the Grandstand in the presence of the toddler son who watched in dismay.

Early this morning,  Mbesa, a village under Belo Subdivision was invaded by heavily armed security forces.

Locals testified that several houses were set on fire, with those situated along the road most affected.

We cannot confirm reports that casualties were recorded.
"They storm the area at 6am this morning, people are now seeking refuge in bushes. God help our people" a witness lamented from Mbesa.

Mimi Mefo Info