Thursday, March 21, 2019

Break at the París embàssy: Bíya et Cie in a race against the clock


I was yesterday at the Directorate General of the French Gendarmerie to ask some questions:

- What does French French man of Cameroonian origin is extracted from an embassy that has been ransacked?

- How can Gendarmerie forces intervene in an embassy, ​​that of Cameroon in this case, following a rampage without interpellation or summons, even when all the people inside have been searched and identified?

- What use can the Gendarmerie make of camera surveillance images and those available on social networks to trace the course of events and identify the people present?

Having organized rallies in front of or near the Cameroon Embassy, ​​I finally asked the following question:

How is it that every time events have been organized for several years in Auteuil, like that on Eseka, Vanessa Tchatchou, Koumateke, the crisis of NO-SO, etc., the Prefecture of Police confined the Cameroonians to 100 m from the embassy on the ground - full at the exit of the metro Porte d'Auteuil and deploys manpower in front of the embassy, ​​and that the 26 January last, in spite of the alerts of the charge d'affaires of the embassy of Cameroon, no bus of security forces were sent to secure the diplomatic mission?

I did not have any answer !

I have indicated that my job as a journalist having led me to carry out investigations even tougher than this one, I will do everything so that the Cameroonians and the French people know the truth about this history.

Because, it must be said: if Emmanuel Macron telephoned his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya about the detention of Maurice Kamto et Cie, the simplest thing to do is first to answer these simple questions that are small fry for the French special services, the Gendarmerie and the police of the country of Leclerc, Aujoulat, Messmer and Foccart.

Cameroon and France have already collaborated on more difficult, tough or sinister issues than this one. The current vagueness gives the impression of a cunning under a veil of mysteries that does not honor the chanters of the proclamation of Human Rights and of Justice. It only takes two days for this file to be completed after all parties have been heard and confronted.

The lie takes the lifts of history and the truth takes the stairs of time..

Reporter: Abdelaziz Moundé