Wednesday, March 20, 2019

BIR can not win against secessionists, Says Tibor Nagy

The clashes in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon are far from turning to the advantage of the Cameroonian army. This is in any case what can be deduced from an intervention of US Deputy Secretary of State Peter Tibor Nagy yesterday Tuesday on the private television channel Canal 2.

Making the parallel with the history of his own country the United States US diplomat interviewed by Canal 2 let wait until the armed force was far from being the solution to the Anglophone crisis.

"The US has been in Vietnam with sophisticated troops and equipment. But the US lost the war. The solution of the Anglophone crisis lies in the application of decentralization as mentioned in the 1996 constitution ", said Peter Tibor Nagy.

The diplomat who strongly believes that only dialogue can help resolve the crisis, proposes the holding of a tripartite conference like that of 1992 which resulted in multiparty politics.

With regard to separatist activists living on American soil, Peter Tibor Nagy indicates that they will have to be presented to American jurisdictions in the coming days.

"We expect the Cameroonian government to give us names of members of the diaspora who finance terrorism and we will launch legal proceedings in the US," he said.