Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bafoussam, the city announcing the end of the Biya regime

In the coupled elections of September 2002, the Rassemblement démocratique des peuple camerounais (Rdpc) had achieved something fabulous in the Western region. This political formation had gone from 5 seats to 20 deputies. Thus seizing in the hands of the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), the two seats of the Mifi, the two seats of Koung-Khi, the two seats of the Highlands. and four seats of the Bamboutos. In the Menoua, he improved his number of 2 to 5 deputies. In Upper Nkam, he passed from 1 to 2 deputies. He kept his two deputies of the Ndé and pulled out of the Democratic Union of Cameroon (Udc) one out of the five seats of Noun. Thus, only Pierre Kwemo - now mayor of Bafang and founding president of the Union of Socialist Movements (Ums) - kept his position as deputy of the 17 members of the Fru Ndi party. A similar pattern applied at the commune level.Those of Haut-Nkam controlled by the Union of Democratic Forces of Cameroon (Ufdc) Dr. Victorien Hameni Bieleu after the municipal elections of January 1996 took the colors of the party of Paul Biya.Only the communes of Dschang, Baleng, Bafoussam-urban remained at Sdf.

Thus, after the boycott of the 1997 presidential election by the National Union for Democracy and Progress (Undp), the Sdf and the UDC, Paul Biya, unlike the 1992 election, was largely in the lead. West. In 2004 as in 2011, the candidate of the Rdpc will repeat these achievements despite the presence of Fru Ndi Sdf and Ndam Njoya Udc.

The Kamto phenomenon ...

A spectacular turnaround in 2018. According to the official results contested so far by the Mrc, Paul Biya knows a big decline in the Western region. It loses squarely in the departments of Mifi, Menoua and Haut-Nkam. And that seems unacceptable to Mbombo Njoya and other caciques of the regime. We must look for heads to cut. We forget that because of illness, this sultan did not beat campaign for Paul Biya. Like Marcel Niat Njifendji, president of the Senate and hospitalized in France during the entire campaign period.For the Rdpc, it is necessary to stem the waves of Mrc before the next elections.But how ? Given that over the days, and despite the wrapping up of Professor Maurice Kamto and hundreds of his supporters since the end of January, the foundations of this political formation continue to expand in all the communes of the region of the West, including that of the department of Noun where the local bi-partique system Rdpc-Udc could know significant upheavals in the next elections.The position of Marcel Niat Njifendji as president of the Senate and second personality of the Republic is not cheap in the political space of the Western region.Even in the commune of Bangangté, where he was born and considered since 1992 as a bastion of Paul Biya in the West, the analyst perceives that the Rdpc holds the lead thanks to the initiatives of Célestine Courtes Kectha in decentralized international cooperation that through the interpersonal skills of the president of the upper house of the Cameroonian parliament.

Voters are not fools ...

The facts are quite palpable. The rather conflicting relations between Luc Désiré Nkono, head of the regional center of the taxes of the West and the tradesmen of the main agglomerations of this region can not favor there votes in favor of Paul Biya or the Rdpc during the electoral consultations, that they be local or national. Indeed, how a trader Bafoussam, Dschang, Bafang or Foumbot could support the government of Renewal when it seems to pay a surplus of tax following a "tax adjustment" he deems "fanciful" because, organized under the guise of a census campaign taxpayers out of step with the basic principles of Cameroonian tax law that admits the "consent to tax" by admitting declarative? In addition, how can one believe that an inhabitant of the city of Bafoussam can easily support the champion of the Rdpc when it is the chief town of region in Cameroon which does not have a state university while the number of its young population is growing?

On another level, what are the feelings of these numerous harassed and stripped carriers on the western roads by gendarmes and policemen engaged in fanciful and untimely road control operations? What about bereaved families following the non-coverage of victims of traffic accidents in public hospitals in the Western Region? Will the number of patients admitted to health emergencies and dying without receiving the least medical care plead in favor of the Renewal and the elites sent to campaign on behalf of Paul Biya in the Western Region?

The paradoxes

It is true, the beginning of the asphalting of the West Agricultural Basin under the auspices of Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, the placing of the commune of Bangangté under the label of the municipalities inscribed in a logic of sustainable and equitable development by Célestine Short Kectha, the construction of many classrooms and the construction and equipment of a modern pavilion at Bafoussam Regional Hospital by Sylvestre Ngouchinghé, the actions of Madeleine Tchuinté or Albert Kouinché (Promoter of the Express Company Union Finances Sa) in the area of ​​improved seed distribution or organic fertilizer for farmers in Koung-Khi, Minister Pascal Nguihé Kanté's humanitarian actions for poor populations of the MiFi, such as the free campaign of operation of the beaks hares, or the rehabilitation projects of the Bafoussam urban road system under the control of Emmanuel Nzété, contributed to make the picture of renewal in the West less gloomy.

But in reality, voters in the western region are not fools. For them, "politics is undeniably a game of interests and a test of balance of power. Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya and the other regime thugs in Yaoundé should know this truth before pushing some of their comrades to the guillotine.