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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ayuk Tabe case: Judge Mem assignment to Buea will delay trial

The lawyer believes that the trial of his clients may be delayed because of the composition of a new collegiality of judges.

A trial of the secessionist leaders' trial was held on March 7 at the Yaoundé Military Court. But she was sent back on 29 March because of the irregular composition of the court. Following the appointments made in the Ministry of Defense on March 6, Colonel Magistrate Michel Mem was assigned to Buea (South-West). He was at the head of the collegiality of the judges in charge of judging the separatist leaders.But his replacement has not yet taken office.

A situation that embarrasses the defense of secessionists. In a media outing, Christopher Ndong, one of Ayuk Tabe and Co.'s advisers, said he was embarrassed."We note that one of the three judges was assigned but the lawyers had prepared the challenge of the panel for their bias," he denounced, accusing the collegiality of refusing lawyers to defend their clients.For Ndong, the judges refuse to take the call made by the defense about the Cameroonian nationality attributed to the separatists by the collegiality while the documents of the UN prove that they are refugees in Nigeria and that the court is incompetent to judge them.

For the defense, the assignment of Judge Mem will delay the trial because it entails the composition of a new collegiality. The new judge must be immersed in the file to hear all parties. We are headed in the next few days to restart this trial opened in October 2018, ten months after the arrest of the implicated in Nigeria. Ayuk Tabe and his companions are accused among others of terrorism and secession. They risk the death penalty.