Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Anniversary of the CPDM: 'God inspired Paul Biya'

As for mobilization, as you have seen, people came from all over the North and beyond, the Far North and Adamaoua. It's really something new. We at the organizing committee level, we were not expecting this level of mobilization, we do not believe our eyes. This is the place to sincerely thank all those who have accompanied us and all those who have contributed to make it a success.

Last Saturday we also held a Mass of Thanksgiving in honor of Gabriel Mbairobe because we are among those who truly believe in Judeo-Christian principles and we know that all elevation comes from God. Gabriel Mbairobe is a fervent Christian, we cadets he always invite us to follow this path and this path of the Lord.So it was fitting that we give thanks to the eternal, you know that the eternal still does not pass men to take action, it inspired His Excellency Paul Biya to appoint Gabriel Mbaïrobé to the post Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Reporter: Valery Hambate