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Sunday, March 17, 2019

'Anglophones took up arms, they will never go down'

An output of more than Dieudonné Essomba. The latter who joins the Cameroonians who complain about the increasingly aggressive interventions of foreign powers on the Anglophone problem is pronounced again.

It must be made clear to them that we are only at the beginning of these interventions which will multiply and take a turn more and more comminatory and more and more operational. When you live in a dealership with your family, neighbors will never come to your home if you stay quiet.

But if they hear the sounds of fighting and cries of distress, if they see the children climb the walls to escape the violence of the parents, they will come to see what happens and you will never be able to tell them that they do not have nothing to do at home. They have an obligation to intervene, regardless of their bad intentions.

And you will not be able to say to them, "You hate me and you are jealous of me!Do not interfere with my business! For, precisely, violence between members of the same family is not private business!

Such violence forces neighbors to break your gate and force you to peace. That's how human society works and you can not do anything. And that is why you are asked to avoid problems with your wife and children if you want to protect your concession from foreign interference.

The Anglophones wanted a federal system, the Government told them that the "form of the state is not negotiable". They are taken up arms. They will never lower them, let no one have any illusions about it.

Any ! They will fight the unitary state until its collapse, and they will be helped by foreigners, especially our enemies! They are no more related to Cameroon than they were to Sudan or Ethiopia, where they helped the secessions to gain independence. It is therefore every foreign power that will try to take advantage of this situation, for its interests naturally.

We will moan, whine, what will this change? Absolutely nothing ! When a crocodile holds you, what do your tears matter to you? He's going to devour you, that's all! That's how the world works: you make the idiot, your enemies benefit! What do you believe?

We had only not to give them the opportunity to act against our interests!Since you are unable to bring peace to your family, you call the enemies who will help you to destroy you.