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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: these arsonists who want to help Cameroon

First there was the Vatican's offer to help resolve the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, then that of the Swiss President, the United Nations and now the United States. Through Tibor Nagy, the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, the United States is proposing an international forum for resolving the Anglophone crisis.

No one can seriously think that the United States, which is dividing and destabilizing Venezuela at this very moment for the sake of its property, has become a peacemaker in Cameroon, which also has no less important assets. Just as one can not believe that France, which maintains Islamic terrorist networks in the Sahel to ensure its survival, suddenly became concerned about the well-being of Africans in the case of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, a country that should not escape it. They who love and live by war, how can they bring peace?

What about the Vatican or the Swiss Presidency who are not officially known as predators? Let's start by saying that they are part of the international predation system through their banking and communication networks. They simply play a discreet and rearguard role. For example, it was the representative of the Vatican in Libya who during the crisis that led to the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi spread false news about his flight in order to create panic in the camp of resistance to aggression. The "Saint" siege was also congratulated by the fall of this "dictator".

The Vatican also contributed to the capture of President Noriega in Panama.While being hunted down by American troops, General Noriega took refuge in the diplomatic representation of the Vatican in Panama. After promising not to deliver him, the Apostolic Nuncio of Panama asked the general to leave the place ten days later, under the official effect of the American "pressures", but in reality, convergence of interests. He was arrested, tried and put in prison.

The Vatican is far from being this benign institution in the service of God working for the good of humanity. Under religious and beneficent appearances, he works with the masters of world finance in which he invests greatly. The Vatican operates at the very heart of world predation, according to some authors. There is only to go to watch on YouTube the video of the meeting of the Pope with the Rothschilds. Obviously, we are talking here about the institution and not about Catholics in general, some of whom are sincere in their faith.

As for Switzerland, although it does not have troops on African soil, it is nevertheless part of the predation. For starters it is in Switzerland that Felix Moumie was murdered with the complicity of their intelligence services. It is absolutely not neutral and is part of the Western world whose interests it defends even if it is not as aggressive as what is called the (bad) healthy trinity. She chose to work in the money. It is as if in the mafia, while some murder, organize prostitution, racketeering and drug trafficking, other employees of the criminal family count the cash in the basement of the casino. Switzerland is therefore the one who deals with the stolen money.

If it is the Swiss officials, those of the Vatican (and not French or British officials) who were first sent to the Cameroonian scene, it is because Western leaders who take advantage of the Anglophone crisis believe that their appearance Benign could inspire confidence and deceive the Cameroonian people. After all, when a "man" of God interferes with a matter, it is to bring God's wisdom and peace.

While advocating peace, their media present to their public opinion an exaggeratedly dramatic and falsely alarming situation of Cameroon to prepare it for the interference of their country in our country. It is in this perspective that the statements of Yves le Drian, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, those of Michèle Bachelet, representative of human rights at the United Nations, that of Tiber Nagy, Mr. Africa, must be interpreted. American and those of the American, French and Canadian parliamentarians who describe the situation in Cameroon as at the edge of the civil war. This scenario is very similar to the fake humanitarian campaign that preceded the split in Southern Sudan, in which actors like George Clooney, who you can imagine, have never really been interested. We simply used his celebrity to achieve a strategic goal.

The reality is that, all these people do not care about the fate of English-speaking populations, Professor Kamto, MRC leaders and their activists as he does not care about the women and children who die every day in Yemen, Iraq or Syria . It would be naïve to believe that because they speak the same language and that there are NGOs doing humanitarian work in English-speaking areas, the United States or England cares about the English-speaking community in Cameroon.

No more than France by the way. The latter is simply a double-game. It tries to use this situation (which puts Cameroon on the defensive) to its advantage in its relations with the Cameroonian government but at the same time avoids frightening it because it knows that it boils a strong feeling against it. French. It is only her interest that motivates her. If the Cameroonian government gave France and its allies everything they want in Cameroon, their speeches would immediately change in favor of the Cameroonian government.

The leaders of these countries simply want to use the difficult situation of Cameroonian opposition members and English-speaking activists to achieve their geostrategic goals. The goal of all these solicitudes is to enter the game, establish itself as an important partner and take control as a mediator to guide the events according to their interests. Once they have been admitted into the settlement of the Anglophone crisis, they will manipulate the events to link it to the succession of the president they would like to control.And that's their ultimate goal.

In their offers of mediation, they play on two tables: If the door is open to them, they will take the opportunity to impose the partition of the country or failing that, if Cameroon rejects their offer, they will still win something by presenting his government in the eyes of world public opinion as uncompromising and unwilling to peace. It is this argument that they will use to justify intervention by the international community.

We do not question, of course, the need for a definitive, humane and just settlement of this crisis and put an end to the suffering of the populations of the affected regions, but to admit these "peacemakers" in this process is the equivalent of admitting a fox. in the henhouse to help solve a problem between chickens. The Cameroonian government is therefore right to reject them keeping in mind that a major offensive is being prepared against Cameroon.