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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: A request for negotiation processes by pro-independence leaders abroad

Spokesperson for the organizers of the Anglophone General Conference, Elie Smith, said pro-independence leaders abroad were open to genuine dialogue, contrary to the government's claims.

He made this statement Tuesday on the Equinoxe TV channel, after returning from a trip abroad, where he held several interviews with secessionist leaders of the diaspora.

Elie Smith said he had met leaders such as Sako, who he said were good people who wanted to dialogue, contrary to the government's claims.

The spokesman for the JMA visited countries such as the United States, Canada and Uruguay, where he held other consultative meetings in preparation for the upcoming conference.

He also mentioned that there could be more such meetings in the days to come, before the meeting in Buea.

The Cameroonian government has not yet agreed to hold this conference initiated by Cardinal Christian Tumi for several months, despite an official request from the organizers.