Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya's monumental mistake that will cost him dearly

On February 11, 2019, the day of the false youth party where the authorities of Paul Biya's regime liked to show children and beggars in front of them to show their power, the Biya regime chose to spread the blood of English speakers, especially in Buea and Kumba, where his gangs burned the district hospital, including the sick.

February 11th is rather the anniversary day of the referendum in which the English-speaking people of Southern Cameroons chose to join the Republic of French-speaking Cameroon in the form of a two-state federation in 1961.

Paul Biya chose this day to wear the record of the massacres of English speakers even higher.

This barbarous act, one more among thousands of others committed by its gangs and armed militias since 2016, shows Paul Biya's affront to Donald Trump's recent decisions against his regime to reduce US military cooperation with his government.

Faced with this additional crime that shows that the Biya regime will not shrink from any threat and no peaceful demonstration of the sovereign people of Cameroon, not even the threat of the United States and the international community, to rather remain in power by force Weapons and genocide, THE CAMEROONIAN TRANSITIONAL COUNCIL SUSPENDS ALL ITS ACTIVITIES THIS DAY, TO HOLD A MEETING OF ITS STAFF MAJOR IN NEW YORK, IN ORDER TO DECIDE ON A NEW DIRECTION OF THE STRUGGLE FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE CAMEROONIAN PEOPLE.

For the world is watching as a spectator a regime that massacres, burns, tortures, rapes, even kills foreigners, including Americans, such as missionary Charles Wesco, in total disregard of the calls for respect for human rights and to the solution of dialogue, to the point of burning today, in addition to villages and churches, hospitals with patients inside.

It is because the Biya regime is determined to continue its genocide of Anglophones while threatening to commit that of the Bamileke, he does not hesitate to minimize the holocaust of the Jews.

The sovereign people of Cameroon will not be terrorized by the Biya regime forever. It can count, in its essential resistance, on the CCT which will not skimp on any means to support it by fighting at its sides until its total liberation.

Reporter: Patrice Nouma