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Friday, March 1, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: hypocrisy, crocodile tears of the United States and Co.

As the conflict in the two English-speaking regions entered its third year, the hostage population in both regions is going through a period of pain and intense suffering. Body bags, mutilated bodies, carved body parts, fires in hospitals and schools, non-schooling of children, abductions and beheadings are the fruits of this war.

Strange as it may seem, the United States, a major donor of universal lessons, does not firmly condemn the atrocities committed by these rebels. On the contrary, the Embassy of the United States in Cameroon puts them on the back burner and persists against the Cameroonian Government. In 2018, US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin accused government forces of targeted killings, illegal detentions, arson and village looting. Last month, the Trump government announced it would reduce military aid to Cameroon and request an investigation into human rights violations in the two affected regions. Armed men kill, burn, mutilate, kidnap even schoolchildren, take hostages against ransoms, target minorities (Mbororos) and maraud. Yet the United States condemns the government forces that are fighting them! They hasten to complain about the alleged reprehensible conduct of the government troops who, despite some unfortunate incidents, are only fulfilling their "regal" duty of protection of persons and property, as well as the territorial integrity from the country. Last month, gunmen set fire to neighborhoods in Kumba District Hospital, burning four people alive. The US Embassy in Cameroon issued a statement in which the authorities called on the Cameroonian government to conduct a transparent investigation to find and punish the arsonists. If the government forces were guilty, the United States would have used the club of diplomacy in Yaoundé, but they prefer to be content with nuanced words, expressing a kind of complicit doubt, when the outlaws attack. Even though secessionists killed an American missionary last year in the North West, the United States was reluctant to issue a statement condemning them.

The United States Government and those of other countries, as well as international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations, the International Crisis Group, etc. have called for an expanded dialogue as a solution to the conflict in the two regions. English speakers in Cameroon. At first glance, it seems that they are true friends of Cameroon but under this beautiful picture, hides a vile and scabreux scheme of change of regime in Cameroon. It will be remembered that the United States has orchestrated such plans in several African countries (Libya in 2011, Sudan, Iraq, etc.) and despite catastrophic results in these precedents, they will not hesitate to do the same in Cameroon.

True to themselves, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other countries seem to want to teach the Cameroonian Government how to handle the "crisis". No gesture of goodwill from the Cameroonian Government, on the plethora of measures taken, seems so far to convince them. Yet, it is enough for these "partners" to accompany these measures and support them so that the crisis can die naturally. Like others, they called for inclusive dialogue. Nevertheless, the main instigators of this crisis (Cameroonian carpet on their territories) collect funds there and send them home to Cameroon to finance the war (Purchase of weapons, drugs, salary of combatants, etc.). Blood is shed because these governments allow members of the diaspora to collect and send money to Cameroon, putting guns in the hands of young malleable and manipulable wish the future of Cameroon. If they are really "friends" of the Cameroonian people as they claim, they should put an end to these fundraisers.

Cameroonians wonder how a terrorist like Eric Tataw can, in the comfort and safety of the United States, raise funds to finance the purchase of AK47, arson, beheadings, mutilations, murders and Embassy / US authorities remain silent.

The propaganda that feeds the conflict comes from these countries. The United States and other countries should nail the bums of chaos, saving lives in the North West and South West Regions. But how can they do it, when their interest is to surreptitiously overthrow the Yaoundé regime? The longer chaos lasts, the more their plans to overthrow President Paul Biya will become clearer. The focus is on a man to shoot down even if thousands must perish for it. How else do you explain the sudden interest of America in the case of Marafa Hamidou Yaya and France for that of Amadou Vamoulke? It is time to place their "choice" in Etoudi.

In a diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks in 2009, it is revealed that the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals of Cameroon at the time, Amadou Ali, one of the loyalists of President Paul Biya, from the Region of Far North, told the US Ambassador that after the current regime, power should return to the Great North (Regions Adamawa, North or Far North), the first President of Cameroon having originated from the Far North, which united the three current Regions of the North. He added that the northerners unreservedly support Paul Biya, from the south of the country and the Beti clan, and they will do so as long as he wants to stay in control of the country. But afterwards, they will claim the power that belongs to them according to them, by right. With Paul Biya on the sidelines, a Marafa Hamidou Yaya of the Great North formed by the Americans, would be an ideal choice to protect American interests in the sub-region. He is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence for embezzlement.

Just as in Venezuela, where the United States quickly recognized the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, formed by the Americans, Juan Guaido, when he proclaimed himself acting president of this rich South American country. in oil, it is in the DNA of the United States to meddle in the affairs of other countries, to make and break regimes according to their interests.

The landing of St. Paul Biya is therefore strategic for them. One of their strategies is to create a stalemate in the two English-speaking regions, while the first major crisis center, Boko Haram, is still hot in the north. Instrumentalize the cultural difference, especially the (imported) language, accentuate it in order to sow hatred in the hearts of the populations of these two regions towards Yaounde against a background of revolt. The so-called Anglophone crisis is the new track, after the iterative failures of manufacturing a providential leader of the opposition, through two puppets: Maurice Kamto and Oshi Joshua. These two opposition leaders (friends of the West) could not get Paul Biya out of the polls. Today many savvy voices are rising to accuse the United States of funding these two opposition leaders although the Trump administration has denied.

America, a defective democracy, where we can come to power with fewer votes in the presidential election than his opponent! Well inspired by this iniquitous model, a prominent teacher, internationalist jurist and constitutional expert has, certainly in a crisis of deep amnesia that led him to forget the fundamentals of public law, decided to proclaim himself winner of the presidential election of October 7, one night only after the ballot. Maurice Kamto, since it is about him, has sworn to protect his "victory" by all means, including the street. He literally broke a law of democracy! The United States and other Western countries have, unsurprisingly, walled up behind complicit mutism, secretly hoping for a chain of street protests against President Biya, like those in Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro. In January, the government was forced to arrest Maurice Kamto and his supporters. To their chagrin, Cameroonians appreciate this arrest and channel their energy to other social issues.

Chaos is the new option to prevent democratically elected President Paul Biya from carrying out his mandate. If the Cameroonians are determined to line up behind one man (Paul Biya), they must know that the change, they will have to do with a broken country, overwhelmed from all sides and weakened, for the benefit of America and other leeches.