Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: here are the first conclusions of the United Nations Council

Information received by the editor indicates that the United Nations wrote to the Cameroonian government to inform that Ambazonia had been attributed to Cameroon because of the federal status that existed between Cameroon and southern Cameroon.

The United Nations declared its intention to the Cameroonian government to come to Cameroon to restore the federation that existed between the two Cameroon in 1961. No date has been advanced for this event, but the word was quickly mentioned.

Cameroon has been informed that it will no longer control the resources of Ambazonia and Ambazonia, but that Ambazonia will contribute to the federal government's management of 40% of Ambazonia's GDP.

Cameroon has been informed that Ambazonia will occupy 40% of the Cameroonian army. Ambazonia will have its consoles, Ambazonia will maintain its Anglo-Saxon tradition. Cameroon and Ambazonia will jointly participate in the management of their foreign embassies.

Ambazonia will be administered by Ambazonians, the federal government will be rotated between the Cameroonian government and the Ambazonian government. Ambazonia will represent 40% of the federal government and Cameroon 60%.

Ambazonia will have its own police, public administration and educational and social systems. Ambazonia will build and manage its own economy. Just like before the false referendum.

It was the communication of the UN Security Council to the Cameroonian government. Tell Cameroon that it does not own the territory of Ambazonia.

We now understand that the Cameroonian government, foreseeing the advent of the UN, is planning to declare a federation of ten states in Cameroon before the UN moves.

However, the UN has made it clear to Cameroon that the UN does not need Cameroon's permission to enter Ambazonia.

All these questions are open to negotiations between the Ambazonians and the Government of Cameroon, which will be supervised by the United Nations.

My advice to the AMBAZONIAN LEADERS IS THAT you must form a unifying team as best as we can to prepare for this upcoming event. The Cameroonian government will negotiate with the Ambazonians they called throughout "TERRORISTS", it will be interesting to watch.

The starting point for the negotiations will be to return to a federation of two states, but our team should aim for total independence.

This was one of the points raised by Paul Biya by the US Secretary of State for African Affairs during his last visit to Cameroon.

Some elements of these have been mentioned in the Cameroonian press, some Cameroonian intellectuals already hold their political class to lose Ambazonia, others point out that Ambazonia has never been the territory of Cameroon. (Dieudonné Essomba) and read his recent article.

I have always said that the day our freedom comes, our so-called IG, Ayaba, will not know. Our military should maintain the fighting spirit and put pressure on the occupier.

GOD bless Ambaland and ALL his children.GOD protects and gives our soldiers the courage to chase the occupier before the advent of the UN, so that we do not trade our land. GOD bless ALL the Ambalanders.


While waiting for this good news, I thank GOD my GOD and my Father for making us our land.

Moreover, if I understand Cameroonian government sources in Yaoundé and Njamena in Chad, the Cameroonian government is looking for ways to completely withdraw its troops from Ambazonia (but I will confirm this point in the coming weeks).

Source: cameroonvoice.com