Sunday, March 24, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Great Britain urges Paul Biya to cooperate

This is the quintessence of a statement presented to the UN Human Rights Council on March 21, 2019.

In this statement presented on March 21, 2019 before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (Switzerland), the United Kingdom, on behalf of 38 countries, urged the government of Paul Biya to cooperate with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) to resolve the armed conflict in the United States. Northwestern and Southwestern regions.

"We are deeply concerned by the deterioration of the situation in the north-west and south-west regions of Cameroon, characterized by human rights violations and serious acts of violence, such as recent attack on a hospital. According to reports, armed separatists reportedly committed kidnappings for ransom, killed non-associates, burned schools and committed sexual violence. There are also worrying reports of village fires by security forces, shooting at unarmed civilians and "acts of sexual violence," the signatories of the statement said.

They estimate the death toll of the conflict to more than 1,000 people, mainly civilians. At the same time, 437,000 people fled their homes while another 32,000 sought refuge in neighboring countries.While urging the parties to end the cycle of violence, the United Kingdom stands ready to assist Cameroon in conducting investigations to establish accountability.

The declaration ends with an exhortation to the power of Yaoundé, to establish "an inclusive political dialogue to address the root causes of the crisis. Initially, the Cameroonian government could build confidence in dialogue and reconciliation ensuring the early release and fair trial of political prisoners and engaging in a constructive dialogue with the participation of all sectors of society, especially women, young people and young people ".