Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Four (4) secessionists reported killed in Fongo-Ndeng military barracks attack

They tried to besiege the military residence of Fongo-Ndeng, located about ten kilometers from downtown Dschang.

The best defense is the attack! It is this maxim inspired by the military strategy of Napoleon Bonaparte during his Italian campaign in 1796, that the secessionists tried to apply this Sunday, March 17, 2019 to Fongo-Ndeng, a locality located about ten kilometers from downtown. Dschang city in the Western region.

According to information relayed by the Daily "The New Expression" in its edition of March 19, 2019, a hundred militiamen left at night from the department of Lebialem in the Southwest Region, with the firm intention of seizing the barracks Fongo-Ndeng military, created to counter the recurrent intrusions of secessionists in this small village.

As soon as they arrived on the scene, they immediately went to the installations occupied by the soldiers. After circling the residence, they summoned the surprised occupants in their sleep to surrender. An order that the military will decide not to respect. Despite the threat, they will manage to get back in possession of their weapons, and will engage a fulgurating response.

Our confers then specifies that the exchange of fire that will follow will last 2 hours, the time for the army to leave on the floor a dead side of the "Amba Boys". This loss, however, will not cool the ardor of secessionists. They will continue to pound the defense positions of the army. But around 6 am, they will resolve to retreat, overwhelmed by the firepower of the regular army.

To protect their retirement, 3 of them will take a hostage a young Mototaximan, ordering him to accompany them outside the village.

But, as soon as the bike had been a few meters, it was stopped by military aids came in reinforcement. Another shootout will engage In stride. This time, two secessionists will be shot. The third seriously wounded during the clash, will give up the ghost while his comrades tried to bring him back into the Lebialem.

His body will be abandoned in a locality of Fongo-Ndeng. The Mototaximan meanwhile, was more likely than these ephemeral kidnappers. Despite the two bullets he received during the shooting, he did not die on the field. He was transported to a hospital ward in Dschang, where he is under intensive care.