Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Americàn punìshment: this is how Biyá delivered his elites to Tibor Nàgy

"Fire firefighters! The house is burning. I did not burn it, it's my little brother. ". We know the song, which could perfectly illustrate the latest developments in Cameroonian political news, following the unveiling by foreign media of a list of 27 Cameroonian personalities who could soon be subject to US sanctions, with the aim of greater constancy, the absence of the name of the Cameroonian president, yet the prime responsible, de jure as de facto, of everything that happens there.

Reading the list, virtual, speculative or real, brilliant "nominated" to US sanctions for excessive repressive zeal and unspeakable electoral tampering, we can not be surprised to find that the name of the president of the sky and the earth is not there. He, president of a Republic ripped under his nose and his beard, chief of the armed forces and police past masters in the art of free repression under his responsibility, true holder of the legislative power if we stick even if at each renewal of their respective mandates, the presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate are accustomed to invariably have for first words and first impressions, the sentence: "I thank the President of the republic, head of state, to have renewed my confidence. ", head of the judicial power of which he presides the Superior Council of the Judiciary and appoints the officials (magistrates sitting and standing), so that when the Council of the presidential candidate 2018, Maurice Kamto, challenged in legitimate suspicion the members of the Constitutional Council, they returned without further trial to go to the side of the nominati if they are there.

The surprise of the past - the regulars of "camerouniaiseries" have enough psychological resources to transcend the surprises inflicted on them by the affairs of the country and to return to reality - one understands only too well the full meaning of the introductory sentences of the historical declaration Deputy Secretary of State at the end of his interview with Paul Biya on March 18, 2019: "Diplomatic conversations are always confidential. You can rest assured that our discussions have been frank, honest and straightforward.We each expressed our views. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and wisdom of the President. ".

Must we understand from the list published in the media and social networks in circulation since this afternoon that during the discussions "frank, honest and direct", with his American host, the president had to leave to the diplomatic confidences like,

"I tell you, my dear Tibor, I'm not for nothing. All these wars that continue there, all these arrests that multiply, none has received my spontaneous blessing. I swear to you - but keep this for both of us, and if need be shares only this confidence with President Trump: they are people who oblige me to make war and to watch helplessly the arrests of my adversaries and their militants, otherwise, they will make me suffer the fate that Ben Ali had subjected to Ben Ali.

So if you want, I'll give you the names of these extremists, whom I often call "contractors" of war, and who believe that I thus designate those whom they regularly present to me as the mortal enemies of my power. If I tell you that, it's because I'm overwhelmed; So if you can do something for me, help me to put them in such a position that I would seem obliged to relieve them of the responsibilities that I entrusted to them, explaining to them that I can not keep in the decision-making circles of the countries, people who can no longer trade with the world's leading economic and military power. You see, Tibor, because of these bastards, I can not even go relieve my rheumatism in Switzerland, and admire the fairy wonders of Lake Geneva, without children who could have been my great grandchildren threaten to embalm me with a lotion made from a mixture of eggs and rotten tomatoes prepared by cells and whole crates. Please, do something to help me!As far as I'm concerned, I prepared for your coming, a non exhaustive list of these bad grains. For the others, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo, Gregory Owona, Issa Tchiroma ..., I will take care of it personally. "

In the name of the members of the government and assimilated (first-degree proxy and for other roles played in the Cameroonian tragedy), they have for names:

• Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration and Permanent Secretary the National Security Council;

• Joseph Beti Assomo, Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense;

• Galax Yves Landry Etoga, Secretary of State for Defense in charge of Gendarmerie SED)

• Martin Mbarga Nguele, General Delegate for National Security (Chief of Police)

• Jean de Dieu Momo, Minister Delegate to the Minister of State In charge of Justice

For the defense and security forces (SDF), the 8-degree secondary contractors, including 6 general officers and 2 senior officers, are:

• Lieutenant-General Rene Claude Meka, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces;

• Major General Saly Mohamadou, Commander of the 2nd Joint Military Region;

• Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong, Commander of the 5th Military Joint Area;

• Brigadier General Toungue Elias, Commander of the 2nd Gendarmerie Region;

• Brigadier General Toungue Elias, Commander of the 2nd Gendarmerie Region;

• Brigadier General Jules César Essoh, Commander of the 5th Gendarmerie Region;

• Colonel Emile Joel Bamkoui, Head of the Military Security Division at the Ministry of Defense,

• Lieutenant-Colonel Jérôme-Francis Nko'o Ella, Commander of the Operation Jackal.

Under the prefectural authorities, government representatives in the English-speaking regions in crisis since 2016, are quoted:

• Adolphe Lélé Lafrique, governor of the Anglophone region of the North-West;

• Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of the Anglophone South West Region;

As officials responsible for the socio-political chaos engendered by the biased management of electoral process and litigation with undeniable preference for the candidate of the Rdpc and outgoing president, otherwise authoritative to which they owe all their appointment, these officials (originally of the post-electoral crisis in Cameroon since October 2018) are:

• Enow Abrams Egbe, President of the Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon (-ELECAM- Electoral body in charge of the organization and supervision of elections in Cameroon);

• Eric Essouce, Chief Executive Officer of Elections Cameroon (-ELECAM - Electoral body in charge of the organization and supervision of elections in Cameroon)

• Clément Atangana, President of the Conseil Conseil Constitutionnel ,;

• Emile Essombe, member of the Constitutional Council and president of the National Commission of General Census of Votes of the presidential election of October 7, 2018

• Emmanuel Bonde, member of the Constitutional Council;

• Florence Rita Arrey, member of the Constitutional Council;

• Charles Etienne Lekene Donfack, member of the Constitutional Council;

• Joseph Marie Bipoum Woum, member of the Constitutional Council

• Paul Nchoji Nkwi, member of the Constitutional Council;

• Jean-Baptiste Baskouda, a member of the Constitutional Council

So when you go through the list, anyone can see the "knowledge and wisdom of the president", which caused the Deputy deputy to greatly admire him. Michael Richard Pompeo aka Mike Pompeo.

Reporter: Ndam Njoya Nzomene